Looking Through Levi’s Eyes: Bye Bye Singapore!

Looking Through Levi’s Eyes: Bye Bye Singapore!

Hi there and welcome back to another hot and sticky installment of my much-loved series, through Levi’s eyes. *cough cough*


Looking through Levi’s Eyes

*cough* Hi there and welcome back to another hot and sticky installment of my much-loved series. *cough cough*

You might not know it, but I’m nursing a cough at the moment. (At this point my male employee John pulls me to one side and whispers something into my ear). *cough*

Apologies! Apparently my cough is pretty evident! So now you know I’m a little under the weather, dare I suggest you stay away from me as I’ve got the germies!

I’m a little over the weather in Singapore. I can’t decide if the one month I spent in the vibrant and modern city was one month too short, or one month too long. You see, the constant shifting between the tropical climate and into an air-conditioned environment, coupled with the dust has defeated my body as my eczema – previously under control – has exacerbated and I’ve now got a bit of a cough too. *cough cough*

My two lovely employees John and Michele weren’t spared the weather rod either. *cough* Within a week both were sneezing and looking rather pale; my female employee Michele in particular copped in pretty bad with constant bouts of sneezing and a blocked nose. My male employee John didn’t have it much easier, as he developed flu and hay fever.

It’s all looking very pear shaped in the last two weeks. Unfortunately for my female employee Michele she’s breastfeeding me so she’s insistent on forgoing cold and flu medication. Each time *cough* we walked past a pharmacy I could only turn and look into her watery tear ducts as she blows into another tissue.

On the flipside however, the healthcare services provided in Singapore are top *cough* notch. I’ve always had eczema – my male employee John has had them for half his life and it’s under control – but in the mild cold winter of Melbourne it’s kept under wraps. My body started peeling and *cough cough* becoming blotchy after arriving in Singapore and it was a quick trip to a very expensive (in Singapore dollars at least) trip to a children’s clinic.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom in Singapore! I still managed to get heaps of CEO stuff done. I could not believe how much I was getting done in my final weeks in Singapore and I have only my lovely employees to thank great scheduling!

My loyal employees took me to The Kinder Clinic and had a quick consultation with the very lovely Dr Siva. He prescribed me with some medication to treat my ongoing battle with eczema.

I am now able to flip to one side with much ease. However, I’m still unable to flip over unassisted.

Anything and everything goes straight into my mouth. Including my favourite wooden rattle, which has seen the insides of my mouth far too many times. If only I had teeth…

Only in Singapore! With space at a premium, my employees John and Michele took turns giving me a bath on the dining table. The dining table! Next on the menu: sour pork with Levi dressing.

I took my employees to a man-made beach in Singapore. Apparently East Coast Park is quite a popular spot with sports enthusiasts and love birds. Is anyone in love with me?

My employee Michele took me to the edge of the sand where it met the incoming tide. For the first time, my feet was dipped into seawater. Until today, I still don’t quite know what to make of it.

Turns out my employees have family and friends. They even got me a cake, complete with a welcome sign. I had no idea they had so many lovely acquaintances. I felt so loved and wanted by all.

I like being carried facing forward. At this stage I am able to support my head and even look back at the person carrying me. It’s great being carried around all day. I feel like a king! Correction, I AM a king!

The long flight home to Melbourne. I surprised myself and was quite tame on the flight. I mostly ate and slept and if I was awake, my two employees were on hand to service my CEO needs.

Well that wraps up my holiday in Singapore. I’d love to have extended my trip and include more interesting baby tidbits but due to my conflicting schedule as CEO of Home, work beckons and I have to return to Australia. Back to the unforgiving winter in Melbourne no less!

Look out for my next post though; I may be busy but I’ll always have time for you loyal fans out there!


Editor’s Note: This is part 7 of the fortnightly series.

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