Looking Through Levi’s Eyes: World Cup Fever!

Looking Through Levi’s Eyes: World Cup Fever!

A very good afternoon to all you readers, wherever you are. The World Cup has descended upon us and the majority of the world are losing sleep over those thrilling encounters played out over 90 minutes.

A very good afternoon to all you readers, wherever you are. The World Cup has descended upon us and the majority of the world are losing sleep over those thrilling encounters played out over 90 minutes.

I too am avidly following the World Cup as my country, Australia, is participating in her third World Cup. As an Australian myself, I’ve been gripped with football fever as for once, the round ball game is taking precedence over other football codes in our sports-mad country. Australia truly is one of the last bastion of the football world, as Australians prefer strange sports such as rugby league, rugby union and Australian Footy. And Australians call them football. How bizarre!

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Australia hasn’t had the best of World Cup campaigns. A 4-0 mauling by the Germans and a 1-1 draw with the Ghanaians early this morning effectively put my beloved Socceroos out of the World Cup. I keep telling my two employees John and Michele the scoreline would have been different had I been picked for the Socceroos team. Those football scouts aren’t watching hard enough; I am the future of Australia football! Just you watch, world, I am the next Harry Kewell or Tim Cahill!

Jokes aside, I really don’t know much about football. I only just turned three months and I am more interested in sucking my hand and the colourful world around me. I have discovered my legs too, for they are able to push me upwards or make me turn sideways. My employee John – who is still addressing himself as Daddy – keeps telling me to grow up big and strong so he can start kicking a football around with me. Excuse me, but I am the CEO of Home here. I decide what to do in my free time!


My employees John and Michele have – much to my chagrin and their amusement – dressed me in the Green and Gold of Australia. I’m still trying to understand the fuss over watching grown men chase a ball! The following morning, I woke up laughing and grinning at the 4-0 demolition of Australia by the ruthless Germans. How completely and utterly un-Australian of me! My work as CEO of Home takes me overseas quite often. However, I am unable to keep my head still and straight with mouth closed for a passport photo. This, despite the best intentions and efforts of both my employees. My employees enjoy having breakfast together in the kitchen on weekends. This, after my female employee Michele has given me a big feed. Often, I am so full and contented I am quite happy to just sit in my chair as I watch my employees stuff themselves silly with pancakes and scrambled eggs. Weekends are also ‘Dress Up Days’ as my employees love taking me out. My female employee Michele in particular has a good eye for what looks good on me. Here I am dressed in a bomber jacket and khakis.

I have gotten very fond of my play dates with my male employee John. He is never at home on weekdays, so weekends are particularly precious. He makes me laugh with his strange rectangular eyes and his wise words. So much to learn from him!

The winter chill also brings out the best in my winter collections. I am rather proud of my wardrobe, but it seems it’s ostensibly dressed for looks rather than functionality. It’s f-f-f-freezing!

I do hope Australia wins their last group game against Serbia. I don’t really know how to count yet, but my male employee John tells me Australia still has a mathematical chance of qualifying for the knock out stages. Well whatever you say, employee!

Regardless of the result, I am proud to be Australian. I can’t imagine what it’s like to play for your country, donning the Green and Gold and putting this oval ball-mad country on the football map. I say give Australia another 20 years so I will be fit and suitably grown up. I shall flex my CEO skills as I will be in the Socceroos World Cup squad 2030 then!

Until then, there’s still a lot of growing to do. See you next time!


Editor’s Note: This is part 4 of the fortnightly series.

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