Mum of daughter who was on Lion Air JT 160 can't stop crying

Mum of daughter who was on Lion Air JT 160 can't stop crying

Maria has a seven-year-old son and has a home with her husband in Jakarta.

“Have a safe flight, sweetheart.” 

This is something every parent will say to their child every time they fly off on yet another adventure or on a work trip. It’s something we all grew up saying to our friends and family members.

But when Maria Ulfah’s mother wished her daughter a safe flight, she never thought these would be the last words she would get to say to her. 

Tragedy: Lion Air JT 160 crash

lion air crash

Lion Air crash victim families are awaiting news. | Source: Flightradar24

Lion Air flight JT610 from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang crashed into the sea off the island of Java, 13 minutes after taking off on Monday morning (Oct 29).

The flight was carrying 189 passengers including two infants and a child. Maria Ulfah was among one of those 189 passengers.

The pilot reportedly requested to return to base shortly before losing contact. Shortly after, a tugboat leaving the capital’s port had seen the craft falling.

Lion Air crash victim was off on a work trip

lion air crash victim

Lion Air crash victim mum crying since the news broke.

On the morning of the flight, Maria Ulfah’s mother wished her daughter a safe flight, as she departed for a work trip from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang. Little did she think that those would be her last words to her daughter. Neither did she ever think this would be the last time she saw her daughter. 

When she saw the news of the Lion Air crash, her worst nightmares had come to life. 

Maria Ulfah was only 36-years-old and a mother of one. She was also a close neighbour of one of theAsianparent Indonesia’s writers.

Her 7-year-old son lived with her and her husband in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.

Maria is known to her neighbours as a friendly and intelligent person, and a caring mother. She was often seen with her little boy. Despite having to work outside of Jakarta very often, Maria was filial and family-oriented. 

She would take the time to visit her parents’ home in Jakarta whenever possible, dedicating the rest of her time to her son.

Mother of Maria Ulfah, devastated and can’t stop crying

Upon hearing the news of the crash, Maria’s mother has not stopped crying over her daughter’s fate. 

At present, Maria’s husband is still anxious to hear any news about his wife. The family declined to give any further comments.

Maria was one of the employees at The Directorate General of Taxes, an Indonesian government agency under Ministry of Finance.

According to Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, on Instagram, there were 21 Ministry of Finance employees onboard the ill-fated flight.

For those seeking information about the crash, a crisis centre has been set up for the families of the victims and can be contacted at 021-80820001 or 021-80820002.

Our deepest condolences go out to all the families who have lost their loved ones in this tragic accident.

This article was originally written by Aulia Trisna for theAsianparent Indonesia and was translated.

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