Parents, Learn How To Raise Truly Thankful Children

Parents, Learn How To Raise Truly Thankful Children

Author, mum, and parenting expert Jeannie Cunnion is here to teach parents how to raise children who are truly thankful for their blessings and belongings! Read here invaluable advice here!

Jeannie Cunnion is a mother of three sons and author of "Parenting the Wholehearted Child." She has a Master's degree in Social Work, and her background combines counselling, writing, and speaking about parenting and adoption issues. Not to mention that in her free time, she runs a parenting blog called,

It goes without saying that this mummy wears many hats, and she uses her experience with parenting and studying to help inform fellow parents how to improve their skills, and raise the best kids possible. Part of raising kids to be the best they can be is making sure we raise kids that are appreciative; kids who are truly thankful.

There exists a strong sense of entitlement and selfishness with the current generation of children, and Cunnion strives to make sure that parents put a cease to such mentalities. Raising children to be truly thankful cultivates the perfect amounts of humility, generosity, and happiness in children.

Cunnion believes that happiness is not found in acquiring “more” but in being more thankful for what we’ve already been given. That's why she developed a process that can help parents to raise children who are truly thankful! To do so, she suggests parents have to look inward and ask themselves three questions, then they have to live by those questions.

1. Do our kids see us worshiping the gifts or the Giver of the gifts?

How do you as a parent show thankfulness? Are you setting a strong example? Children are incredibly impressionable and parents should use that to their advantage. Especially as it pertains to teaching thankfulness. If your kids see you acknowledging your blessings, and being thankful to those who give you gifts, then they'll understand the inherent value of showing thanks. Lead by example, parents, and show your kids the way to be truly thankful. Not just sometimes...all the time.

Learn how you can raise children that are truly thankful for all of their blessings and belongings! Click next for more!

2. Do they see us being greedy or generous with our gifts?

Not only must you show appreciation for the things you're blessed with, but you must also show kids that you too are generous. In order to be thankful, kids have to understand the value of giving and having a virtuous mentality. It's not always about receiving. Kids must also see the true beauty of giving a gift, and sharing with others. Are you charitable with your blessings? Do you give or share with those who are less fortunate? If you wan to raise your kids to be truly thankful, you must ask yourself questions like this.


3. Do we lead our kids in living out grateful and generous lives?

Showing your children how to behave is obviously important. Their impressionability will play a key role in their development. However, practice makes perfect and you have to make sure that you as parents are encouraging them to actually practice what you've been preaching. Let kids participate in charitable activities. Go to homeless shelter, bring them with you to donate clothes. Let them be a part of the act of giving so they can understand the inherent values associated with receiving. Only if they practice a virtuous mentality can they be truly thankful for all of the blessings they will receive and share throughout their life.


"Because beating ingratitude in our kids begins with them seeing tangible gratitude in us.  And fostering gratitude in our kids only happens when we lead them in experiencing- actually living out- in word and deed, a life of giving thanks and giving back," says Cunnion.

Jeannie Cunnion's original article was posted on Fox News

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