How To Fix a Leaky Milk Bottle

How To Fix a Leaky Milk Bottle

We found out that many parents are having problems with Avent bottles. Here are some tips from experienced Mummies on how to solve the leakages.

Mum needs help: I have encountered serious leakage from Avent bottle and have a leaky milk bottle. Any good solution?


Little Closet Tlc: I faced the same problem too, thats why I switch to using Pigeon instead and it works fine.

Doris Dan:
Yes! I juz try to close it again.. After few attempts, I change to another brand.

Mirulz Ifa:
yup me too!im still usin d avent bottle but i change d nipple to pigeon wide neck nipple..u can oso use tollyjoy n piyo2 wide neck more leakage

Amy Tan:
Switched to Pigeon after Avent fails. Was told by Mothercare that we can do a one to one exchange for the leakage bottles at Avent Philips. There is a batch of production that leaks thus the exchange is available..but I decided to take Pigeon instead.

Amy Tan:
I used Pigeon wide teat to replace for the Avent bottles..din have leaks u might wanna try.

Liyana Fadhil:
Yaa i faced d same thing bfore..but aftr twisting it open n closing it worked just fine..i dun tink its d teats dats causing d prob..its d grooves on d bottle n d white teat holder..gotta find d right groove bfore twisting it close n cant close it too tight eithr else it will leak.. Avent/Philips is a reputable brand n dey should do something about it.. Angry MommyS n Babies are not a good sign n sight at all!!

Azalia Huzaifah:
me too. changed to pigeon and i personally think it's e best!

Shirlene Tan:

Natalie Lian:
i always make sure the "screw lines" ( i dont know what is the proper name for it ) for both the bottle and the teat are dry. realise bottle will leak if they are not.

Jaslyn Tea:
yes veri frustrating...... i even throw the whole bottle inside the sink when i open n close many times..... n my baby is crying for milk...... true Avent shd do something abt it..... if nt soon will switch to pigeon.....

Diana Mohd Noor:
so its not juz us being careless n not knowing how to get the bottles together then!
i perpetually hav to tip the bottle upside down to ensure that milk dont leak before feeding the bb

Karishma Tiwari:
i had the same problem too. Some tips i found online turned out to be useless to me.The trick is when u tighten the ring onto the bottle, do not fully tighten it and u will hear some air coming out... that activates the valve that will let the air into the bottle as your baby drinks. Additionally, just gently shake your bottle to let more air out, and after that test the bottle, it should not leak.

Tay Chin Lu:
Same goes for me.. AVENT LEAKS.. But realised that if i keep the teats and the bottle really dry before using them, they do not leak anymore.Called the Customer service abt it and they even got the nerve to ask us to bring it to them so that they can do production test and see if it is the production or our misuse on the product... By the time they finished the experiment... my baby wont need bottles anymore..

Jessica Won:
i changed to pigeon too.. after using avent for 3yrs and endure the leak sometimes...

Aziyah Janis:
Facing d same prob! Apparently it looks like d teat prob. Once it get softer, it'l cause d leakage. After changing 2 a new teat, no more leakage..

Nooraini Selamat:
me too facing these problem! so frustrating! i check yahoo answer, it seems not only sporeans face these! i thought i wanna complain but after reading thru, i think it will be a waste of my time.btw i will check n try the tips above..thxs mummies! btw if i want to change the bottles, do u know what other brands suit avent philip steam steriliser? as im using these currently...thxs!

Cecilia Yee:
haha!!! and i too thot, was the only duffers who can't close the bottle properly! i find that if i twist it too tightly, it will leak so i twist till it's finger tight. so far so good.

Chinky Garcia- Lu:
i also encounter the same problem, but then after twisting it open and close, it works pretty well. maybe you can give it a try.

Lee Cheng:
Me too, only started encountering the problem recently in the last 4 months. Had used Avent for my eldest (now2.5 yr) since birth and it never happen. Had to do the same, twist open and close to make sure the bottle and cap is aligned properly.

Angela Leong:
I have the same problem too, have to twist the milk bottle open and close to ensure there is no leaking. But avent is good bec my daughter. try so many milk bottle, her stomach will have wind now she use avent she don't have this kind of problem.

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