Lack of sleep strains relationship of first-time parents

Lack of sleep strains relationship of first-time parents

Sleepless nights with screaming babies can ruin your marriage

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According to a study by the the Sleep and Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at West Virginia University, a lack of sleep can put a heavy strain on the relationships of first-time parents.

The study was conducted on a group of couples who were first-time parents. The data was collected around the seventh week of having their first-born, during which their sleep times and relationship satisfaction levels were measured.

Findings revealed that the amounts of sleep they had have a greater impact on the satisfaction of their relationship. Those with sufficient and higher levels of sleep were found to be more contented in their relationship and position in life, and vice versa.

"Preventative measures that target sleep during the postpartum period could potentially be used to buffer against decreases in relationship satisfaction among new parents," said said lead author Salvatore Insana, a graduate research assistant in the university.

It has been found that positive parental relationships are also linked to positive parenting skills. As such, Insana is positive that these findings will in the future be able to "promote positive parenting and healthy infant development."

The study also found that first-time fathers are generally more satisfied with their relationship than their partners thought they were.

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