Labour Cherie

Labour Cherie

I had 3 false alarms before giving birth to my daughter....

Maybe, this is my first time being a mother and I don't know how the pain will be like. On 31st August 2000, my daughter finally came to the world. The pain was terrible till I ask the doctor for sprain injection.

After the injection, I felt better and got to sleep till the pain again came around 8 plus at night.

All I heard was the nurses and doctor saying, "push, push n push harder!" I even grabbed my hubby's hand till there were nail marks on it. The doctor just told me to "just one last push" and I could see the baby's head finally. The baby just popped out!  I was so excited to see my Princess. She was so chubby when I held her in my arm.

I love you, my Princess Cherie. You bring happiness to all of us !!!

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