Kinderland offers 33 years of preschool expertise

Kinderland offers 33 years of preschool expertise

Seamless learning prepares children for formal primary education

Kinderland is a leading regional provider of quality infant and child care services, bilingual preschool education and premier student care programmes for children aged two months to 12 years.

With 33 years of experience behind them and more than 50 centres in Asia, Kinderland uses an integrated and stimulating approach to teaching that nurtures creativity, critical thinking, confidence and social-emotional well-being in preschool children.

The holistic and fun  learning experience offered by the comprehensive and seamless curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, language, math, technology, music, arts, exercise and play, effectively prepares every child for formal education in later years.


Hands-on and group activities also help in the development of children’s physical coordination, self-esteem, confidence ,creativity, independent thinking and socio-emotional skills that will prepare them for interaction in a social and, eventually, a professional environment.

Many children have over the years benefited enormously from the wholesome, all-inclusive learning programmes that empower young minds to absorb and retain more, thus contributing to their skill sets and enable them to realise their potential for success and a healthy sense of well-being.



The Kinderland programmes include :

Children’s Music Programme

Age-appropriate programmes are taught by qualified and professional music teachers using musical keyboard instruments for ‘language development’ and ‘music literacy’. This signature component of the holistic Kinderland programme, which includes solfege singing and rhythm training, cultivates self-expression, creativity, musical sensitivity, and provides support for brain development in the children’s early years.

Writing-to-Read Programme

This computer-based reading programme is another unique feature of the Kinderland curriculum. It encourages idea expression and writing through phonics. Children learn to form written words from their daily speech.


KinderFit Programme
The development of healthy and creative minds is complemented by our long-standing and proven KinderFit programme that cultivates physical movement skills, as well as the development of self-confidence and a responsible attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

Enrolment is now open. To arrange for a visit to any of the Kinderland centres, call 6881 8818 or visit the website at for more information.






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