Father murders 10-year-old out of "Twisted Love" for his own child

Father murders 10-year-old out of "Twisted Love" for his own child

Murdering innocent children out of spite for petty matters has no part in fatherly love.

Parental love can take many forms, from cuddling to disciplining children. But sometimes, people distort their “love” into something else, like killing someone for revenge. A recent tragic case which netizens claim to have been an “overreaction” and “twisted” fatherly love shows that murder has no place in parental love.

Dad went as far as killing someone for revenge – because of their children’s squabble

It all started with an argument between a girl and her 10-year-old male classmate.

Local media reports that the parents of the 10-year-old boy and the culprit’s daughter had already settled on a punishment. The boy was only supposed to deliver a public apology to his female classmate for hurting her in an argument. 

However, matters spiraled into tragedy when the girl’s father found out that her eye still hurt, as a result of her confrontation with the boy. He lost it and also lost his mind with rage. 

The 36-year-old took things too far, retaliating with revenge. 

On the afternoon of 21 September, he brought a fruit knife and searched for the 10-year-old boy in his daughter’s school in Zhejiang, China. 

It wasn’t long later that the boy was discovered. His lifeless body was sprawled over a pool of blood inside the restroom. The boy had been stabbed with a knife many times, and was also slashed at the neck.

When police turned up at the crime scene, they found the 36-year-old dad smoking a cigarette next to the poor boy. The fruit knife was also found close by.
killing someone for revenge

The Chinese Police released this official notification describing the incident. | Image Source: asiaone

The victim was of course hurried to the hospital. However, unfortunately, the wounds proved too much. He passed away three hours after being admitted.

Father’s “twisted love” slammed by netizens

“In what world do we kill children with knives?” asked the victim’s father.

“My greatest wish now is that the law will severely punish the murderer and grant my son justice. My child died so unjustly.”

The tragic incident disturbed China’s residents, with netizens slamming the aggressor’s paternal love as “twisted”. Other netizens have also commented that the 36-year-old shouldn’t have acted irrationally towards a petty argument between children.

The daughter’s dad has since been arrested to assist with additional investigation.

Here at theAsianparent, our hearts go out to the boy’s family. It’s true when they say a parent will kill for their child. But this is unacceptable and there are always non-violent ways of settling minor disputes between children. 

References: asiaone.com, Featured image: screengrab, asiaone. 

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