Certain kids CAN stop bullying. Here’s how to bully-proof your child

Certain kids CAN stop bullying. Here’s how to bully-proof your child

A new study says "socially influential" kids have the power to stop bullying in schools. Read on to find out more.

Bullying is probably every parents' biggest worry and insecurity when it comes to sending their child off to school. However, a recent study – published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – found that influential kids can stop bullying.

Researchers at Princeton, Rutgers, and Yale universities sought to identify the most influential students at 56 New Jersey middle schools using a technique called social network mapping where the effects of well-liked kids towards most of the student body are being observed.

They surveyed nearly 25,000 about the top 10 students  they would choose to spend time with in person and online. Those chosen students were asked, although not required, to spread anti-bullying messages to their peers.

The result was an astounding 30 percent drop in bullying behaviour. And the schools with the largest numbers of the so-called "social influencers" saw the largest declines in conflict.

Adults should get kids on board in boosting their self-confidence which could potentially bully-proof their child. If you start sharing with your child the disease that is bullying, they might fully understand that anything besides constructive criticism will never define them as a person.

Some of you might wonder, "How do I know if my child is being bullied or is the bully?" Studies have often shown that bullying stems from a behavioural pattern observed at home. In other words, violence begets violence! Look for signs that points your child to bullying!

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Paige Li

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