A guide for kiasu parents to raise super kids

A guide for kiasu parents to raise super kids

In the previous set of recommendations, we explored some simple tips on how to raise a potentially super kid. Here's part two of the series as breeding super kids is no easy feat...

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Check out the following tips which serve as a guide for kiasu parents to raise bright, happy kids!

In the previous set of recommendations, we explored some simple tips on how to raise a potentially super kid. The examples given were designed with the intention, to ensure both parent and child do not eventually experience a burn out in the quest to create the ideal circumstances for the super kid growth. The following are some more tips and practical ways, to further the quest toward raising a super kid:

  • There are certain food items that can be used to mentally stimulate the human brain into pushing boundaries towards higher achievements. Good examples of these foods would include wholegrain foods that are rich in folate, nuts like walnut, cashews, almonds, pecan, an assortment of berries preferably of the fresh kind, as the preserved ones tend to have a higher sugar content and seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Green tea is also recommended for it various positive contributing elements.
  • Actively participating and showing interest in your child’s progress on a daily or weekly basis can never be underestimated. This close monitoring is not only a good way to gauge your child’s developments but, will also assure your child of your commitment and interest in what he/she is doing. The enthusiasm levels, you are willing to show will have a huge impact on your child’s interest levels and commitment too.
  • Setting achievable goals is also another way to raise a super kid. However, this must be done with caution. Too much pressure will cause your child to resent the whole exercise, while too little, will not foster any positive traits either. Therefore, you will need to really understand your child’s maximum capabilities and set goals that are realistic. Another important point to note in setting goals would be to ensure once these goals are set, almost nothing should be allowed to affect the achievement process.
  • Allowing your child to find their own solutions to problems is another avenue to explore in the quest to raise super kids. More often, parents tend to relegate simple everyday tasks to helpers or anyone else except the child as they think, this is a more convenient and faster way of getting things done, thus freeing the child to focus on the more important things on the journey towards becoming a super kid. This is a serious folly, as the simple things your child is able to achieve on their own will mentally and physically help them experience and enjoy personal triumphs and this is very important, in building character and perseverance.
  • Expect the best but prepare for the worst, is another good mindset to have as a parent. You should be prepared to handle your child’s failure, and there will be a few on the journey, without going ballistic. The way you handle your child’s failure will eventually primarily, dictate your child’s thought process in moving forward, positively.

Always remember, mistakes will be made, but how you handle them as a parent is more important, than the mistake itself. Lots of love and hugs should help both you and your child eventually reach the goals set.



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