The Kiasu Parent's Guide To Raising Super Kids!

The Kiasu Parent's Guide To Raising Super Kids!

There is a lot of interesting information that can help a parent raise a super kid. Read on for some simple tips to help get you started.

As Kiasu parents, we all want the best for our kids. However, in our quest to provide them with what we think will turn them into competent high achievers, the one thing we should not lose touch with is reality.

At some point, it is important to understand that your child’s capabilities can reach its limits.  There is a lot of interesting information that can help “kiasu parents” raise a super kid.

Simple tips for Kiasu parents

  • Giving your child the opportunity to experience structured and unstructured activities is one way of helping to identify and enhance any particular promising trait. Both styles should be introduced as each has different positive elements to contribute. The structured style activity will allow your child to progressively achieve goals through building on the discipline aspect of the challenge, while the unstructured style would allow your child more freedom to explore and be creative. Do bear in mind that both are highly respected traits in the learning process.
  • Surrounding your child with the tools that will enhance him/her mentally and physically is also another conscious effort that you need  to incorporate as early as possible in your child’s life. Being exposed to stimulating elements will allow your child the opportunity to tune into these and constantly seek to explore them.
  • Once a particular positive capability has been obviously shown, it would be up to you as a parent to provide all the exposure possible in this particular area, to further develop this capability. This could be provided for, in the form of physical material or assisted learning sessions. Taking them to connective events where they may be exposed to possible role models they can emulate, would also help in your child’s enthusiasm and in goal setting aims.
  • Prioritising and scheduling is another phase that should be given some very serious thought when it comes to trying to intentionally raise a super kid. You and your child should feel energised – both mentally and physically – on a daily basis to effectively cope with the hectic routines that is expected.
  • Setting a good example by taking on the challenge of being the constant and consistent initial role model is important. Your child should have an example he/she can emulate, and if you can be a good role model, then your child will be able to build his/her confidence in itself, by simply observing your strong character traits.

There are many other “things” you can do as a loving parent to help your child be the best they can be. However, it cannot be stressed enough, and most doctors and psychologist adamantly agree on this: your child’s mental and physical thresholds should always be considered and prioritised. 

Some parents become so obsessed with the super kid phenomenon that they end up turning their kids’ lives into living nightmares.

Remember, your child has only one chance to be a fun loving happy child, before growing up takes over.

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