What do most Singaporeans want in the Jubilee Baby Pack?

What do most Singaporeans want in the Jubilee Baby Pack?

Singaporean parents have voted for the item that should be included in the Jubilee Baby Pack for babies born next year. Find out which items made the list!

In celebration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence in 2015, all babies born in that year will receive a celebratory Jubilee Baby Gift from the government.

To determine what this all-important gift should be, Singaporeans were invited to share their ideas through the official website or by submitting their gift suggestions at various feedback booths in April 2014.

jubilee baby gift

All babies born in 2015 will receive a special Jubilee Baby Gift.
Find out which items made the top list!

jubilee baby gift

Singaporeans suggest the list of items for the Jubilee Baby Gift during the voting exercise.*

The results of the voting exercise have been collated. According to the data shared by National Population and Talent Division (NPTD), the commemorative medallion/coin topped the list with 61% of the votes.

This was followed by 14 other items that were shortlisted, which ranged from a multi-functional shawl (47%) and baby sling (44%) to a wall growth chart (19%) and wooden toy (17%).

The voting process

The voting results came two months after public consultation. Here, participants cast 20,000 votes through NPTD’s website. Focus groups and feedback booths were also set up at various locations around Singapore.

From these voting exercises, over 6,500 item suggestions were received.

jubilee baby gift

Snapshots from the Jubilee Baby Gift feedback. As well as voting booths at various locations around Singapore. | Photos courtesy: National Population and Talent Division via www.heybaby.sg/jubilee/

According to NPTD’s statement on the Jubilee Baby Gift website: “There were such a variety of different approaches when choosing the items for JBG: some looked for items that would see the most practical use for parents; others chose items that would provide historical significance when the baby grew up and looked at the gift some 20 years from now.”

NPTD will announce the finalised items to be given in the JBG pack in the next few months. So be sure to look out for the coverage of this on theAsianparent!





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(*Data taken from National Population and Talent Division via www.heybaby.sg/jubilee/)

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