Motherhood 101: What all mothers should know

Motherhood 101: What all mothers should know

Find out what this first time mum wished she'd known before and along the way of motherhood.

motherhood journey Find out what this first-time mum learned along the way of her journey!

One sure sign of motherhood is the (sometimes useless) advice that mums get from everyone including their mother-in-law to the guy who sells eggs at the market. Everyone has some pearls of wisdom on the topic of parenting and more specifically motherhood. Yet with all that information out there, there are certain truths that you never get to hear with regards to this journey of motherhood.

1. The importance of turning a deaf ear

The child that is in your tummy does not only belong to you. Yes, while it is true that you have conceived and carried that child, everyone in the family will want to have a piece of action and some form of ownership over the child. The best thing to do is to turn a deaf ear to these well-meaning but often misplaced comments.

motherhood journey Don't rush your child to grow up.

2. To protect...and more

Just like a mother bear caring for her young, you will always be on your guard to ensure that your little one is safe. Sometimes this means going a little overboard with bundling your child up from head to toe to the point where they make a good impression of the bubble boy. My advice is to stop. Let your children grow. It is perfectly okay to create a safe environment for your child but there is no harm done if they were to get a few bumps and scrapes along the way. After all, that’s how we learnt as well.

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3. Enjoy the journey of motherhood and childhood

The most important lesson of all is to enjoy the special moments with your child, especially when it comes to milestones. We are always in a rush to make sure our child reaches each milestone the earliest. The bragging rights goes to the child who walks the first and etc. Does it really matter at the end of the day? Sometimes we are too transfixed on the end product that we forget the little moments and the process of getting to that stage.

So my main advice to mothers: No books, articles or courses can ever fully prepare you for being a mother but this journey of motherhood is the most incredible journey that you will ever undertake.

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To learn more about the different paths that the journey of motherhood takes you to, check out the video below.

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Wafa Marican

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