Motherhood before business: The Buzzy Tots story!

Motherhood before business: The Buzzy Tots story!

Audrey Leong, owner of Buzzy Tots, an online store for children’s clothing, takes some time out of her busy day to talk to theAsianparent.

Buzzy Tots

The story behind Buzzy Tots

Pushing her baby into the restaurant with two more children walking closely by her side, Audrey greeted me with her calm and friendly demeanour. Before sitting down, she made sure that all her children were settled comfortably in their seats. Even before seeing her face-to-face, through our brief conversation over text messages, Audrey gave me the impression that she was a down-to-earth mum despite her success. Much like her persona in text messages, Audrey’s humble and caring personality stood out throughout the interview.

Audrey set up Buzzy Tots in 2008 while searching for clothes for her eldest daughter, Michelle. The online store for children’s clothing is largely fuelled by her love for clothes, especially girls’ clothing. “I utilised my spare time doing online sales. Because I love clothes. But there’s [too many] to choose from! That’s how I started the online store. I kept buying clothes during the first six months of Michelle’s life. So I thought why not just set up an online store then I can choose whatever I liked first?”

Buzzy Tots

Buzzy Tots was born in 2008 out of Audrey’s love for fashion.

In addition to her online store, the mother of three children has garnered the following of 15,500 members on her Facebook discussion group, Xchange Corner Group (XCG), a non-profit forum where mums trade, sell and give away baby products to those who are in need. Audrey set up the Facebook page when she decided that it didn’t make sense to spend a few hundred dollars on a twin baby stroller which she needed for only a few months. The main direction of the Xchange Corner group has since evolved into helping parents who cannot afford necessary baby products. From the gratefulness in her voice, it was clear that Audrey deeply appreciates the mummy volunteers who have been nothing but generous with the time and effort they spent on maintaining the Facebook group.

Always a mum first

Despite her busyness, Audrey has always put her three children, Michelle, Jayden and Jansen, as first priority in her life. Both Buzzy Tots and the Xchange Corner group were set up during the wee hours after the children had fallen asleep. Audrey’s typical day is packed from morning till midnight with laundry, ironing clothes, washing milk bottles, showering the kids, cooking for the children and feeding the baby. She would then spend some time reading books or browsing the Xchange Corner group before heading to bed. In spite of the sacrifices she has had to make, Audrey continues to see motherhood in a positive light.

Buzzy Tots

Audrey with her three children, Michelle, Jayden and Jansen

theAsianparent: “Have you ever regretted not advancing your career?”

Audrey: “No. I enjoy being a mum.”

theAsianparent: “What would you tell other mums about motherhood?”

Audrey: “Enjoy. Enjoy being a mother. Once you [start to] enjoy, everything will become easy… Once you enjoy, even if it’s a tough time, you will feel happy.” [pullquote]Audrey on motherhood:             “Enjoy. Enjoy being a mother. Once you [start to] enjoy, everything will become easy… Once you enjoy, even if it’s a tough time, you will feel happy.”[/pullquote]

theAsianparent: “What do you enjoy the most being a mother?”

Audrey: “I am an only child so I felt bored [as I was growing up]. Which is why now what I treasure the most is our family time together… I enjoy the time being with them because they create a joyful and lively atmosphere.”

theAsianparent: “What do you usually do together as a family?”

Audrey: “We go [on] holidays and sometimes we go to Universal Studios… because [the children] like to play with sand. I remember we visited Universal Studios 4 times last year. It’s good for us because we get to relax [as a family].”

Buzzy Tots

Jansen, Audrey’s youngest child, at eight months old

The future of Buzzy Tots

Audrey is currently taking a break from running Buzzy Tots so that she can concentrate on looking after her three children.

theAsianparent: “Where do you see Buzzy Tots going in the future?”

Audrey: “I would like to see my online business become well-known. As for the Xchange Corner group, I wish to continue helping parents who can’t afford baby products. I would like to resume Buzzy Tots sometime later this year or next year.”

It was such a joy getting to know a personable mum like Audrey who remains humble and easy-going despite her success. Let us know if you’ve enjoyed this interview too by commenting in the box below!

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