Joanne Peh shares travel tips after family holiday nightmare

Joanne Peh shares travel tips after family holiday nightmare

Joanne Peh reveals, "For our first trip as a family of 4, my children and husband’s luggage were delayed, I fell sick with flu and my kids came down with stomach flu..."

We assume celebrities lead the most luxurious of lives, and envy them for their exotic holidays. Reading the experience of popular Singapore actress, and mummy of 2, Joanne Peh, however, has changed our perception of star lives.

Joanne Peh recently shared how her “first trip as a family of four” did not turn out to be as perfect as she had imagined. Relate much?

Joanne Peh on her family holiday nightmare

For the info, Joanne Peh is married to actor, Qi Yuwu, and they have 2 kids known only as Baby Qi and Qi didi (Yes, they refuse to reveal their kids’ actual names!)

While Joanne lives in Singapore, Qi Yuwu has been based in China for the last many years. It is not often that they get to spend time together as a family.

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Which is why, they were probably looking forward to their year-end trip abroad as a family of four. So, how did their big fat holiday to Japan turn out? Let’s hear what Joanne has to say!

“This has been a road trip fraught with trials and tribulations — me coming down with a severe flu, and then the entire family caught some kind of stomach viral bug with the two young ones taking turns to throw up and have diarrhoea.”

“So it’s non-stop going to the toilet, changing diapers, washing stained clothes, feeding medicine while trying to fit in time to look decent ourselves”, wrote Joanne on Instagram, posting a picture of her, baby wearing Qi didi and carrying Baby Qi at the same time!

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Joanne Peh shares travel tips

Being the positive, optimistic mum that she is, Joanne Peh refuses to be disheartened by the whole experience.

“Even though it’s gruelling, I see it as a way for us to bond with the children and create experiences that we would otherwise not have if we hadn’t done this.”

“For anyone who is thinking of travelling with your children to go forth and create your travel moments, they’re definitely worth it!⁣” is her takeaway.

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Travel tips for families

It might not have been the most perfect of experiences, but there’s always something to be learnt. Here are some travel tips from Joanne Peh:

  • It is easier to travel with a breastfeeding baby

“The idea of traveling with young children can be very daunting but if you are a first time parent thinking of travelling with an infant still breastfeeding, I would say go for it!” says Joanne.

“There are no bottles to sterilize, no snacks to pack, no toys to pick up and no tantrums to deal with. And if it’s winter, they stay snug in your baby carrier.”

  • Get travel insurance

“I would advise getting travel insurance before you travel because we are dealing with a lot of unexpected possibilities. It’s just one of those things you have on hand to safeguard you against any costs that could arise as a result of unforeseen circumstances.”

Joanne Peh


“For our first trip as a family of 4, it came in quite handy as my children and husband’s luggage were delayed, I fell sick with flu and my kids came down with stomach flu. We visited a total of three hospitals and the bills could probably buy a round trip air ticket to Japan for one pax.”

And here are some more travel tips from us for families with kids:

  • Plan well in advance.

This helps to get the best deals in booking flights and hotels. 

  • Choose your holiday destination wisely. 

Look for places where the kids have something to do, like swimming, games, playgrounds, carnivals, fun parks and movies.

Try to buy the attractions tickets online. You usually end up saving more that way, plus it will save you a lot of time queuing up.

Also, do your research well. Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be cold? How safe is the place? Are there any precautions you need to take? What are the best places to visit? 

  • Pack wisely

Make sure to carry enough diapers, bottles and baby wipes if you are travelling with really young kids.

  • Don’t over-cram your day.

Plan more breaks and fewer activities, so you have more time to rest.

  • Kids get too hungry too often, so make sure to carry plenty of snacks with you.

It also helps to have frequent stops for meals and drinks to keep everyone’s energy levels up.

  • Dont forget to pack these medical essentials:

  • Paracetamol or ibuprofen (to relieve aches and pains)
  • Antihistamine (for mild allergic reactions)
  • Motion sickness medicine (if travelling with children, or by train, bus, car or boat)
  • Plasters, bandages, gauze pads and tape (for minor wounds or abrasions)
  • Antiseptic cream (to prevent infection)
  • Rehydration sachets (for stomach bugs)
  • Sanitiser (in case you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water)
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent 

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