Find out why this mum thinks LEGO Duplo is the best toy a kid can have

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Sometimes, all it takes it the right toy for your child to be able to express their full potential in creativity. Ignite their imaginations with LEGO Duplo sets.

I never had a LEGO set until I had a son.  All I had as a child was paper dolls or barbie dolls; the kind of toys that every parent thought a girl should have. I never knew there were toys that could drive creativity until one day I saw my friends playing with a box of colourful bricks.

Back then, I was curious why my male friends loved playing with the little bricks, and their fascination with transforming them into aeroplanes, cars, castles and more. It was only when my 2 year old received his very first LEGO Duplo set  “My First Cars and Trucks” for his birthday that I realised how LEGO inspires kids to be creative.

Find out why this mum thinks LEGO Duplo is the best toy a kid can have

I was amazed that something that looked so simple and small could foster creative skills in a child but I learned that LEGO doesn’t just spark creativity, it also gave him a chance to transform his imagination into reality, and experience learning through play.

Most importantly, completing his own masterpiece gave him the sort of pure happiness that has me totally convinced that LEGO might just be the best toy for kids no matter what age they are!


We had a wonderful experience unboxing his latest LEGO Duplo set, the "Family Fun Fair" edition of the “MY TOWN” collection which is suitable for kids aged 2-5 years old.

Using the brightly colored bricks, my son was able to recreate and retell his experience from our past visits to a real carnival. It showed him that the fun doesn’t end even when he’s back at home. With his two eyes set on the bricks, and mum and dad ready as his loyal assistants, our son began to build the objects he saw on the box.

A few times, he decided he wanted to change some colors, or use another shape than what was pictured on the box but eventually his masterpiece was built piece by piece based on his own initiative of how he wanted his fun fair to look.

Find out why this mum thinks LEGO Duplo is the best toy a kid can have


We built slides, a fairground carousel, a ticket counter, a popcorn & candy table, and tables and chairs for the little people. We even included a height requirement stand next to the ride!

What we really loved about this set was the mechanics of using a wheel to turn the carousel. This LEGO set wasn’t just creating a snapshot of his memory of what a carousel looked like, we could literally play with it!

Find out why this mum thinks LEGO Duplo is the best toy a kid can have


All of a sudden, he remembered one of his favourite activities when we’re walking in the park and made a seesaw for the little people.

It brought smiles to our faces and made us more convinced than ever that LEGO is the best toy a child can ever have! This is why we fell in love with it ourselves as well.  It encourages kids and parents to not just follow the guides or images provided, but allows children to bring out their own personality as well.

Find out why this mum thinks LEGO Duplo is the best toy a kid can have


Other than the carousel, we also constructed a mini stage and a merry-go-round ride while we listened to his version of family time. This allowed him to learn about role-playing using the figures - he had daddy taking photos, mummy sipping drinks from a mug, and the kids having fun on the rides and performing on the stage.

Find out why this mum thinks LEGO Duplo is the best toy a kid can have


Apart from learning shapes and colours, sharpening his fine motor skills, and being given the opportunity to gain confidence in his creative skills, we saw that he enjoyed his time with us as much we did with him. The LEGO Duplo My Town - Family Fun Fair set brought back the memories of all the times we spent together at the carnival and we ended the day with smiles on our faces.

With all the fun that a LEGO Duplo set brings, the joy of learning never stops. Who needs to watch TV or use an Ipad anymore? Definitely not our family!


Want to bring home a box of never ending fun while setting the stage for a love of learning and play that lasts a lifetime with a toy that supports your child’s growth and development? Visit the LEGO Duplo website and find out more on the benefits of playing and learning with LEGO!

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Ruby Liang

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