Jeffson's first day at school

Jeffson's first day at school

Chris Choo shares his son's first day of school with us.

My son Jeffson is 2yrs old this year so we decided to send him to school to learn and make friends with other kids.

He was very happy going to school because this is the 2nd time he went to the school.  We had brought him to the school to see the surrounding before we did the registration.  On the 1st day of school, he got up quite early and put on the school uniform without putting up a fight with us because he can be a bit stubborn - he does not like to be force to do thing that he dun like to.

Upon reaching the school, he saw so many adults and kids around.  At first, he was a bit frightened but when we asked him to join in the others in the sing along session, he soon forgot his fears and sang along with the others.

We didn't stay with him although the school allowed parents to join them for the first 3 days of the school. We only picked him up in the late afternoon and the teacher said he did cry when he saw other kids crying, but overall he behaved well and also learned to wash his hands before and after meal-time.

Time really flies and now he has been in the school for 3 months plus and everyday whenever he learns something new, he will come back and show us - eg sing the song that the school taught him. Last week, the school even taught them how to make pizza with the help from the teacher.

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