Sakinah's first day at school

Sakinah's first day at school

Tauqir Karim shares her child's first day of school with us.

Sakinah was quite excited to go to school, we had visited the school, met the teachers and she was looking forward to playing with her age mates and the toys at the school! We had always talked about what kids did at school and I had read to her story books of children at school.

Sakinah was a (and still is) a “mummy’s girl”, she is very attached to me. I was quite anxious that she might have a tough time adjusting to being on her own at school. But seeing her so excited pushed these doubts away.

The big day arrived, Sakinah was up early, we had our breakfast and as I made her wear the uniform, I just couldn’t help thinking how fast my baby was growing up! She was very excited to carry a school bag!

As we walked to school I told her that she will really enjoy at school as she will get to play with other children and I explained to her once again that I will be dropping her and picking her up at 11.00am, she was a bit hesitant at the beginning saying that she wanted me to come with her, but eventually she understood that mummies do not go to school!

When we reached the school, there was a dramatic change in her behaviour, she suddenly clung to me and refused to go inside, the teachers were very kind and patient and gently took her in, she cried for a while but then settled down gradually. It was difficult to see her go crying, I really wished I could have stayed with her, but I guess I just had to let go! The teachers noticed my anxiety and assured me that she will be fine after a while.

When I picked Sakinah up she was quite happy and said that she enjoyed herself.  She did not tell me what they did at school until after a few days!

2 years down the road, Sakinah enjoys going to school. She has made many friends and is now learning how to read and is doing her addition sums!

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