A big step - Trishelle's first day. 

A big step - Trishelle's first day. 

Cindy Han shares her daughters first day of school with us.

Trishelle's first day. It wasn't exactly her first day. She has been there quite often, but mainly to drop her brother off in the morning, and to pick him up in the evening. Her brother is 2 years older. :) About 2 months before her first day, we've been telling her about going to school, her teacher's name, activities she will do in school to prepare her mentally.

The big day came. She carried her own bag, just like her brother and stepped into the school compound for the very first time. It was usually view from outside. She held on tightly to her brother's hand and very quickly, she forgot about me.

The day passed by with some cries and whines but she managed her first day without me physically present! It was definitely a big step for me and her.

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