Cry before and after school

Cry before and after school

LKK shares her child's first day of school with us.

This year is my eldest son's first year and first time attending playgroup.

We enroll him on last year November. He was excited and waited for the school to open in January. And I kept telling him not to cry in the school as it was just a 2-hour class.  He always say ok.

On the first day of school, when he entered the class and waited for his turn to wash his hands, he started to cry. And was hugging me and did not want to go into class. I slowly told him to go in there where he can learn ABC and 123, which is his favourite.  Then he stopped crying and went into the class.

I went in together with him as this was the first day of school. He did not cry throughout the whole session.  He just stuck to me all the times, holding my hands to read the ABC and 123 that was pasted on the wall. He read and read non stop until some of other kids come and join him. Haha...

When the school ended, all the kids say good bye to the teacher one by one, and my son was the last to leave the class as he wanted to continue reading his ABC. When the teacher told him come back to read again tomorrow he started to cry again. Seems like he's started to love his class and do not want to go home too early. Haha...

Now, after 4 months of school, he enjoys his school time and loves to go to school everyday. I am proud of him. ^^

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