Jay Chou's love for Hannah Quinlivan will give you major #hubbygoals!

Jay Chou's love for Hannah Quinlivan will give you major #hubbygoals!

Jay Chou is turning out to be quite a loving, caring husband to Hannah Quinlivan...so much that he's giving us major #hubbygoals!

If you love Jay Chou, you are gonna love him a little bit more!

The Mandopop superstar is turning out to be quite a loving, caring husband to model-actress wife Hannah Quinlivan…so much that he’s giving us major #hubbygoals!

Not convinced? Here’s some proof!

Not all smooth-sailing at first 

But before that, let’s travel down memory lane a little. Like how happy endings come to be, it wasn’t all smooth-sailing at first.

Many fans of Jay Chou were no doubt disappointed when their beloved idol married Hannah Quinlivan in 2015.

On Quinlivan’s side, she had her own fair share of problems too. During their dating days where she could not openly talk about her relationship with Chou, Quinlivan was faced with immense pressure.

She too came to have her doubts—just like all relationships. At the core, she was just afraid of hurting Chou if she were to say anything wrong.

At one point, Quinlivan even thought of giving up on them. All of this was revealed via an interview with Vogue Taiwan on 2 Jan where she also opened up on her family life. 

In the end, she scooted off America to pursue film studies while she maintained distance from everyone.

On the third day however, Chou came to find her and the rest was history.

“At that moment I had a feeling, he’s the one,” the star said.

They have since been together for nine years.

Why Jay Chou, Hannah Quinlivan are #relationshipgoals!

1. How HE celebrates HER birthday

For Hannah Quinlivan’s 24th birthday on Aug 12 this year, doting hubby Jay Chou uncharacteristically took to Facebook to wish her. “Happy 24th birthday to this beautiful mother!” he wrote.

Jay Chou's love for Hannah Quinlivan will give you major #hubbygoals!

Happy Birthday Hannah Quinlivan—but also celebrating Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan (PHOTO: FACEBOOK / JAY CHOU)

Hannah’s birthday cake read ‘Jay love Hannah’.

That’s not all, he also showed off their matching wristbands with each others’ names engraved. 

Jay Chou's love for Hannah Quinlivan will give you major #hubbygoals!

Could Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan BE any sweeter? (PHOTO: FACEBOOK / JAY CHOU)

Who’s jealous? 😉

2. Showers wifey with bags

Have you heard the latest?

Recently, Hannah Quinlivan, attended an art installation art show and opening party in Taipei, and she was asked if hubby Jay Chou bought her bags on special occasions.

Her reply is bound to create havoc in many a household, “Yes, 80% of the time.” 

Hubbies, time to up your game! 😉

3. Goes to THIS extent to support his wife!

Did you know that, even though he is a superstar, Jay Chou only recently created his own Instagram account?!

He explains why, “This is the first time in 17 years I started my own social media cuz maybe one day I’ll have a lot of Hollywood friends they will need to @me haha.”

But the real reason it seems has to do with Hannah Quinlivan. Apparently, after directing the Movie, “Secret”, he also shot a casting tape for Hannah, just 2 days after she gave birth to their son, Romeo.

Jay Chou's love for Hannah Quinlivan will give you major #hubbygoals!

Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan are just so adorable together! (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / JAY CHOU)

He writes, “At the end she got the role of the Hollywood movie with The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). She’s going to shoot it in October. Plz support her.”

Isn’t it super sweet to ask your followers (690 k and counting) to support your wife?

4. They both know how to have fun, together

Quinlivan who is known as the “prankster”, likes to play practical jokes on the family. Whether it’s her child or Chou, there is no exception.

From giving lemons to her daughter when she was young to cling-wrapping the toilet bowl such that the pee would splash back (targeting Chou), she was a pro at them. But so is Chou!

Somehow, he found out and “deliberately threw in some toilet paper first”. 

“My husband? My husband is very childish too, but it’s a good thing he is, or he might find me immature,” Quinlivan tells Vogue Taiwan. Isn’t that truly Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan goals?

5. Confinement care

When Hannah gave birth to their first child, Hathaway, in 2015, Jay Chou apparently rented an entire floor of a Taipei confinement hotel just to provide her some much needed privacy and security!

6. Changed his 5 kid plan

Chou once famously talked about wanting 5 kids to start a band. 

Ha changed his mind after seeing how much his wife had to suffer during her first pregnancy. It seems, Hannah had nausea and cramps throughout the pregnancy.

He said he could not bear to see her go through it again. “I see how tired my wife is. We will just have enough children.”

Truly… Jay Chou Hannah Quinlivan #goals. Aren’t you melting already? 🙂

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