Jay Chou's son's picture accidentally leaked by Matilda Tao!

Jay Chou's son's picture accidentally leaked by Matilda Tao!

Read how Taiwanese host Matilda Tao ended up accidentally revealing Jay Chou's son's picture!

We all know how secretive Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have been, when it comes to revealing pictures of their babies.

The couple had welcomed their second child, a boy, ‘Romeo’, in June this year, but have not yet revealed his face, always opting for side and back views of the children on social media.

However, recently Taiwanese singer Matilda Tao accidentally revealed the baby’s face when she posted a picture on Facebook, of the glutinous rice gift box she received from Hannah and Jay Chou to celebrate Romeo’s full month.

The rice was packed in a beautifully decorated box which read, “our little prince has arrived’ with a crown logo placed above Romeo’s name.

Matilda wrote on Facebook, “This is the most classic form of glutinous rice for Romeo’s full month. He is a really handsome boy and I wish the Chou family all the best.” 

jay chou's son


However, she soon realised her big mistake. Romeo could be seen very clearly in a picture at the side of the gift box. It was a picture of him sleeping calmly and peacefully.

Netizens were quick to notice, and comment on the picture, and Matilda quickly deleted it. By then, however, the damage was done, many had already saved the picture.

After the incident, other friends have been more cautious. Singer Jody Chiang, also shared a picture of the gift box on Facebook, but only after pixelating Romeo’s face out.



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Apparently, Jay and Hannah have been so busy with their professional commitments, they could only celebrate Romeo’s ‘full month’ belatedly.

Hannah and Jay are also parents to their 2-year-old daughter Hathaway, who they welcomed in July 2015.

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