8 Jamie Chua Facts That Will Truly Blow Your Mind!

8 Jamie Chua Facts That Will Truly Blow Your Mind!

How much do you know about super glamorous Singapore socialite Jamie Chua? Here are some crazy facts to blow your mind!

Meet Jamie Chua. The Singapore Airlines stewardess who married Indonesian multi-millionaire Nurdian Cuaca. The woman who demanded $450,000 a month in alimony when she got divorced in 2011. The super glam Singapore socialite with a super luxurious lifestyle.

Also, 893,000 followers on Instagram.

But all this, we know by now. Are you ready for some more-interesting Jamie Chua facts? 🙂

Here they are, to blow your mind:

1. Jamie Chua has a 700 square foot closet

Jamie Chua


In a recent episode of Bonkers Closets, it was revealed that Miss Chua has a 700-square-foot closet (that’s 65 sqm) that holds her collection of over 200 Hermès bags.

And over 300 pairs of shoes! Wait a few minutes for that to sink in

For the info, Bonkers Closets is a video series that showcases the most extravagant closets from all over the world.

And did we mention that Jamie’s closet is protected by fingerprint access?

Meanwhile, Jamie Chua has this to say about her closet filled with hundreds of jackets, gowns and dresses: “It’s still not enough for me. I need more closet space.”

2. Jamie Chua owns more than 200 Hermès bags

An Hermès bag can cost between $8,000 and $300,000. And Jamie owns more than 200 of them!

Among them is a bag custom-made for her with Indian embroidery. And also an Hermès “Mini Pochette” worth $11,800, which Jamie calls “useless.”

“You can’t put anything in them…except for a credit card and a piece of tissue,” she declares.

8 Jamie Chua Facts That Will Truly Blow Your Mind!


Her most prized possession, though, is her “diamond bag,” which is the first thing she would grab in the (unlikely) “event of a fire.”

“I would head straight to Christie’s with it, because I know they are eyeing it,” she says.

Why? Because it is a “Himalayan Crocodile Birkin” with white gold detailing and 245 diamonds. It is one of the most expensive Birkin bags in the world!

3. Jamie Chua has a 30 kg gown

Jamie Chua


By now, nothing should surprise you, but you’ll be interested to know that Jamie has a 30 kg (66 pounds) Rami Kadi custom gown that costs $27,000.

4. Jamie Chua loves wedding dresses

She “does not like the idea of being married,” but Jamie Chua apparently loves wedding dresses. She wore a white wedding-like gown for her birthday recently.

5. The average cost of Jamie Chua’s shoes is $1,500

So, Jamie Chua owns more than 300 pairs of shoes that cost an average of $1,500 per pair. On a normal day, she says she likes to wear her sneakers (which cost over $1,000 by the way).

She shows off her “Louboutin Spiked Heels,” which she says are “not for the faint-hearted.” She has even got hurt and has bled wearing them! If you’d like to know, they cost $3,495 only.

6. Jamie Chua has never been to a gym in her life

Jamie Chua


We’d think that this 44-year-old (who can give a twenty-something a run for her money) must be exercising like crazy. But Chua reveals, “I don’t go to the gym at all… I have never been to a gym in my life!”

7. Jamie Chua cannot do without her beauty treatments

Jamie Chua


Apparently, Chua spends around $14,000 to look good. That includes weekly massages, facials, as well as slimming and hair treatments.

But in a recent interview, she reveals, “My facials, body, and hair treatments are now taken care of by my various endorsements.”

“I also have a lovely friend who makes me the best cleansers and facial products using only pure essential oils. Therefore, I don’t actually spend that much money on beauty anymore.”

8. Jamie Chua uses a S$1.50 eyebrow pencil

Aha! After all that extravagance, we bet you weren’t ready for this last one!

Can you imagine someone like Jamie shopping at Watsons?

Jamie recently told Daily Vanity, “I think there are many great products in the drugstores. I buy my mascara and eyeliners from places like Watsons.”

“I use an SGD 1.50 eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows when my eyebrow embroidery is just due for touch-ups.”

Stumped? Watch this video! 🙂

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