Jamie Chua cries during interview, "They don’t know my story..."

Jamie Chua cries during interview, "They don’t know my story..."

Jamie Chua is the woman who has it all - beauty, glamour and luxury. Why then did she break down in tears during an interview?

She first hit headlines as the Singapore Airlines stewardess who married Indonesian multi-millionaire Nurdian Cuaca. They had apparently met on flight as he travelled in business class. 

She made news again when she got divorced in 2011 after 15 years of marriage, and demanded $450,000 a month in alimony!

We don’t really know what the eventual settlement was, but today, Jamie Chua is a well known Singapore socialite who leads a super luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.

Sample this. A collection of more than 200 Hermes Birkin and Kelly Bags. Reportedly the world’s biggest Hermes bag collection!

Jamie Chua

“Just a happy girl in my own little perfect world.” PHOTO: FACEBOOK / JAMIE CHUA

Jamie is 44, but this mum of 2 still looks super young and gorgeous. The beauty and youth come at a price though – approximately 15,000 S$ a month is spent on beauty treatments including hair, nails, massages, facials and a cryosculpting treatment twice weekly to maintain her slim figure. 

Today, Jamie Chua has 546,000 followers on Instagram!

Most women would love to be in her shoes (she has an enviable shoe collection too by the way ;)). Most women love to hate her as well.

She is the woman who has it all. Why then did she break down in tears during an interview?

Jamie Chua cries during interview

During a recent interview with Indonesian media Silet, Jamie broke down in tears when she talked about how people loved to hate her.

She is seen crying and being consoled by Indonesian pop celebrity and close friend Maia Estianty.

Jamie says, “I think I am blessed with a lot more than most people.”

She also talks about being misunderstood, “They think that it came very easy for me because they don’t know my story. It doesn’t come easy.” 

“I did not marry into a rich family. When I married my ex-husband, he was not a rich man, he was just an employee. We had to struggle for 10 years before he finally became successful.”

And that’s when the tears came rolling down…

It seems Jamie got divorced after her ex-husband had married another woman. 

Maia, also a divorcee, supported her friend, “I know her past story. She went from zero to hero. What happened to her was similar to me. It wasn’t easy for us.”

Jamie also reveals that it hasn’t been easy dealing with the haters, “Last year one of my ex-friends who became a hater actually sent someone to throw acid on me (because they cannot benefit from me anymore). As in someone called me and said he was sent to throw acid on me…”

“It was a very traumatising period of my life last year…”

Here is the full video of the interview:

Jamie Chua boyfriend: Finding love again…

We don’t know more about her troubled past, but it sure looks like Jamie is in a very happy space now.

Her current boyfriend, lawyer Terence Koh, is clearly smitten by her. He is also famously known as her ‘Instagram Husband’, and the secret to most of her drool-worthy social media pictures.

Even if in his words, it is a, “24/7, 365 days a year” job!

He even has this advice, “If you are not up for shooting your queen, someone else will. So suck it up and get your act together, fellas!”


Jamie Chua

Jamie Chua Boyfriend, Terrence (PHOTO: FACEBOOK / JAMIE CHUA)

Jamie is also a successful entrepreneur today, and the co-founder of Closet Raider, an online listing platform for buying and selling second-hand luxury goods.

She also has her own skincare line – Luminous1 by Jamie Chua. 

Her 2 children, Cleveland 21 and Calista 17, are influencers and Instagram superstars themselves and get frequently featured on rich kids of Singapore lists.

Jamie Chua

Mummy and daughter PHOTO: FACEBOOK / JAMIE CHUA

Yet, Jamie insists they aren’t spoiled. She tells The New Paper, “If I pamper my kids by giving them extravagant gifts at the snap of my finger, they will grow up not learning anything.”

“I don’t want to spoon-feed them and watch them grow up to be overly dependent on their parents. It is not good.”

She also talks about them in the above interview, “I have 2 children, I would like to leave my legacy to them…I would like to leave them a lot, so that they don’t have to struggle.”

“I want to do work and do business…Because I want my children to know that, “look, mummy works!””

(Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, Featured Image: Screenshot Youtube)

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