We love Jacelyn Tay's advice to her son, and here's WHY!

We love Jacelyn Tay's advice to her son, and here's WHY!

Jacelyn Tay advises her son to be accountable for his choices in life...

*[Updated August 2020] This article is from our archives.

Zavier Wong may still be young but looks like mummy, actress Jacelyn Tay, is determined not to raise a spoilt brat.

She recently revealed a bit of her parenting philosophy on Instagram and talked about making children aware of their rights, and to be accountable for their choices in life. 

It’s really good advice, and we think you’ll love it!

Jacelyn Tay’s advice to her son

We love Jacelyn Tay's advice to her son, and here's WHY!

Image source: Instagram / jacelyn_tay

Jacelyn writes on Instagram, “I give my son the liberty to choose, for each of us is given a free will. He is encouraged to make decisions at a very young age. Sometimes he doesn’t like certain food. I would say, “That is what we have now. You can choose to eat or to be hungry until dinner.””

“I teach him not to blame anyone for the choice he makes, and to take responsibility for his own decisions.”

“Though I will guide him and advise against certain decisions he made, he has to feel the pain of making the wrong decision in order to realise how important a wrong decision can affect his life.”

Jacelyn Tay

Image source: Instagram / jacelyn_tay

Mummy Tay wants her son to be strong, and aware of his rights as a human being, “I told him about his rights as a human. Even as a child, nobody has the right to hit him, not even papa or mama. For everything is best resolved with reasoning, understanding and wisdom, not with violence.”

One would think that celebrity kids get to lead an easy, luxurious life, but this mummy clearly does not believe in raising entitled children, “He is never a prince, so I urge him not to marry a princess.”

“For a prince or princess often have the mentality of wanting to be served. A true leader serves people instead. Be a true king. Serve by leading people to peace and a blessed life.”

“Define love, leadership and kindness correctly. And don’t mix them up. To be kind is not to be stupid. To love is not to be abused. To lead needs no physical power but the power of wisdom, love and passion.”

“Each of us is responsible for our own choice in the pursuit of happiness, health and wealth.”

Jacelyn ends her post with, “Dream, but be realistic in realising your dream. If not, the dream remains a dream. That is life, my son.”

Wasn’t that some great advice? We especially liked the part about teaching accountability and responsibility to kids. How can we create a culture of accountability at home?

We love Jacelyn Tay's advice to her son, and here's WHY!

Image source: Instagram / jacelyn_tay

As parents, we must remember to be patient and consistent, empathetic and calm, in order to promote accountability in our children.

Here are some simple responsibilities that can be handed over to children:

  • Cleaning up their own messes, and not blaming others.
  • Deciding the amount of food they will eat (Basically listening to cues from their own stomachs).
  • Choosing their own clothes.
  • Completing their homework.
  • How to spend their time (after homework is done.)
  • Getting the school bag ready the night before.
  • Choosing what book to read and what toys to play with. Keeping them back in place when done.
  • How to wear their hair (as long as it’s an acceptable standard).
  • Simple chores around the house.
  • How to spend their allowance and the consequences of not spending wisely.
  • Care and maintenance of their personal belongings.

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