International Women’s Day interview with Manbir Chyle Lalwani

International Women’s Day interview with Manbir Chyle Lalwani

In honour of International Women’s Day, we sat down with supermum Manbir Chyle Lalwani to find out what inspired her to empower women, with her achievements and kids, and how she does it all. Ladies, kick back those heels and hear what she has to say!

Walking into the room with an effortless swagger and a tiny cup of coffee, Manbir is a force of nature. If anyone had been expecting to feel intimidated by her stature and killer looks, they’re instantly put at ease by this lady's affable and charming nature.

We share a cosy corner at a local cafe, all set for some girly banter. It is Women's Day after all.


Today, women the world over celebrate International Women’s Day- a day of women empowerment, and taking the time to give gratitude to power women out there.

Supermum Manbir Chyle Lalwani is a mother to 2 boys, Dilshen and Arnesh, aged 13 and 7 respectively. 

This 42-year-old mummy clinched the title of Mrs Singapore Globe in 2006, and represented Singapore in Palm Springs USA for the international Mrs Globe pageant. She won a couple more awards like Contestant of the Year, Talent of the Year and WIN Ambassador of the Year, and placed Top 10 in the Grand Finals.

During the 1 year stint, Manbir did countless interviews with magazines and newspapers, and was invited to host several other pageants. This beauty also sat on the judging panel, so her journey came full circle.

Read on as TheAsianparent talks work, motherhood and all things women with her!



So Manbir, tell us more about what you’re doing now.

I run a boutique agency, Sketch Worxs, that deals with above and below the line marketing, and am also an adjunct lecturer with Kaplan Singapore and PSB Academy. I specialise in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism and Business Studies, and I teach at a Diploma and Degree level.

I'm also a partner trainer with the Asian Sponsorship Network, where I'm invited to train adults in basic Sponsorship skills.


Have you picked up any new skills from your experiences?

Yes I have! I speak English, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi and basic Malay. These have been an asset in my job and daily dealings at work. I’ve also appeared on Mediacorp's Channel 8 current affairs programme where I was interviewed in Mandarin.



Wow! You’re a real busy woman and a mum of 2. How do you juggle it all?

Being a mum to 2 boys is my toughest and most rewarding job by far. A devoted mum, I ensure that my day starts with the getting my boys up and about for school even though I have a helper at home.

There is nothing quite replaceable when it comes to a mother's touch. I am comforted to know that my morning interaction with the boys sets them on the right foot to start the day right.


How do you feel about International Women’s Day in general?

Any competition is pegged to your mindset. I went to Mrs Singapore as a platform to rediscover myself and indulge in some me time as I was so wrapped up in motherhood. So that was my motivation. There are many reasons as to what drives us, as long as the outcome is positive.

It is a great way to celebrate and appreciate women. We have such a hard task of juggling it all today. So it's good to highlight these challenges and accomplishments on a day like this.


How do you find the time for your social life?

Being a mother does not equate the end of your social life. I have a strong group of girlfriends whom I share some of my best moments. One thing we do is an annual girls' trip, where we let our hair down and just enjoy our differences, and celebrate our similarities!


Who is your biggest influence?

Mum is my biggest influence. She taught and gave me all that I am. Mum grew up simple and yet she showed me the world in her own unique way. She had inspired me to be the mum that I am.


What do you think is the biggest issue facing women your age today?

Women my age need to find space and time for themselves. Many sit and wait, saying they will live life once their kids grow up or once they have retired. One must take time to enjoy the now. For tomorrow may never come.


Who is your ideal female icon?

Madonna for her tenacity. 57 and rocking it!


Do you have any words of advice to our female readers?

Being a woman today is challenging. You don't just juggle, you need to be entertaining at it. This means staying relevant in all that you do. I am not the perfect woman, but I am perfectly happy to keep trying to be the best woman i can possibly be.


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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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