Siti Nurhaliza's Baby Is Here And It's A Girl! Congrats!

Siti Nurhaliza's Baby Is Here And It's A Girl! Congrats!

Siti Nurhaliza's baby girl was born on Mar 19, 2018 at around 8:17 am. The singer has finally fulfilled her long-cherished dream of becoming a mum...

A long-cherished dream comes true! Malaysia’s No. 1 singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza gave birth to a baby girl on Mar 19, 2018 at around 8:17 am. 

The singer’s husband, Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa expressed his happiness on Facebook, “What is important for me is that the childbirth went smoothly, and that both my wife and child are healthy.” 

Siti Nurhaliza’s baby girl

The baby was delivered by C-section and weighed 3.55 kg at birth.

A statement released by her manager revealed that both Siti and baby were doing fine. Right now, only close family members are allowed to visit.

“Siti and husband also want to thank you for your prayers, and support from family members, friends, fans and media parties since the beginning of pregnancy until childbirth”, added the statement.

Apparently, Monday, Mar 19 (1 Rejab) was chosen for the birth of the baby because it was the day of Prophet Muhammad’s birth. 

Fans dying to catch a glimpse of Siti Nurhaliza’s baby may have to wait though…

“Siti wants to be given space to rest and concentrate on the early days of being a mother. About the face and name of the child, Siti and Khalid are asking for some time before announcing it,” said her manager Rozi.


Siti Nurhaliza’s long cherished dream of becoming a mum

Meanwhile, Siti had earlier revealed on her birthday, that she was expecting a baby girl!

“In conjunction with my birthday I’d like to share with you that we are getting a baby girl.”

“This would be the most meaningful gift for me. Please pray that everything will run smoothly for the arrival of our little princess.” 

Will she be following the celebrity trend of setting up Instagram accounts for babies?

Siti does not think so, at least, not for now. She tells Harian Metro, “I have not decided whether I would want to dedicate an account especially for my daughter. Even if she doesn’t have her own IG, I will share her pictures on mine.”

Siti had opted to deliver her baby by C-section on the advice of her gynaecologist.

She had been quoted by the New Straits Times as saying, “According to the experts at the fertility centre that I go to, besides the mothers’ age, babies conceived through IVF are usually delivered through C-section.” 

Little princess after 11 year wait!

Siti Nurhaliza's baby


It has been a long journey for Siti Nurhaliza – she has waited for more than 11 years for this baby!

She finally became pregnant last year after many fertility treatments at a private medical centre.

Siti did not have an easy pregnancy. She was advised by her doctor to take complete rest at home in her first trimester, to minimise the risks of a miscarriage.

She apparently used a wheelchair to move around the house in the initial days. Doting hubby Khalid even carried her every time she needed to go downstairs!

Here’s wishing Siti Nurhaliza a joyous motherhood ahead! 🙂

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(Source: NST)

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