Insurance - what you need to know

Insurance - what you need to know

When you have children, the importance of having an insurance plan increases by leaps and bounds. Whether you are planning to start a family, expecting additions to the family or already have a brood but do not yet have any insurance, read on to find out how insurance can safeguard your future.

Insurance is a form of risk management against uncertain loss.  An insurer is a company selling the insurance while an insured or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy.

We've listed 3 areas you are most likely in need of insurance:

1. Conception and Pregnancy

What is the most comprehensive pregnancy insurance policy?

Must I contact my insurance company when I'm admitted for labour?

Can I buy a life insurance policy for my unborn child?

Do typical insurance plans cover a miscarriage?

Is there any insurance policy that covers fertility treatments?

Should I buy insurance before or after pregnancy?

Can I buy an insurance policy while pregnant?

PRUfirst gift: Singapore first protection plan with pre and postnatal coverage.

2. Baby and Education

How do I add a new baby to my health plan?

What is an investment-linked education plan?

What's the best age to start an education endowment plan for my children?

3. General

Can Foreigners buy insurance from a Singapore Based firm?

What is the difference between term and life insurance?

Insurance for the "Suaku"

Home Insurance plan

“Will I be worth a million dollars when I am gone one day?”

Medishield explained

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