Things We Never Knew About Our Family Members (Pets Included) Before the Circuit Breaker

Things We Never Knew About Our Family Members (Pets Included) Before the Circuit Breaker

"A family isn't really a family without some drama, right?"

It’s been mere days into the “circuit breaker” month and things are already starting to feel different, especially since we’re being made to stay at home as much as possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus. impact of circuit breaker

While some of us have discovered interesting new things about our spouses during work from home (WFH) arrangements, others are made to spend more time with their family members living under the same roof. Needless to say, things are starting to get heated up.

Yes, we should be counting our blessings that they’re still alive and kicking during this pandemic, but a family isn’t really a family without some drama, right?

Impact of circuit breaker

Here are some things about our family members that have come to light only after the “circuit breaker” — and perhaps you may identify with these situations too.

TV problems

impact of circuit breaker

The impact of circuit breaker is evident: “I’ve come to realise my household’s made up of male chauvinists.” | Image: iStock

Staying at home can get quite boring, and the easiest form of entertainment is just a button away. It is also the fastest way to pass the time when you’re binge-watching your favourite television show.

“Either my mum’s job is quite chill or we’re worked to the bone. She cleared her work early and wanted to turn on the TV while I was still on the job. When I told her not to, she said: ‘Just because your job is 8 to 5 doesn’t mean you have to be working the entire time.’ Didn’t know she was so woke.” – Evan

“I’ve come to realise my household’s made up of male chauvinists. While I’m at work, my mother goes about the house settling all sorts of chores and worrying about our meals. Meanwhile, my jobless brother and retired dad sit around and watch television, without bothering to help her at all. Even after I knock off work, I still help out with the dishes, but them? It’s back to the sofa.” – Cindy

“It’s getting harder to concentrate on work when my dad or brother is watching TV. I’m also more sensitive about the noise my family makes since I’m the only one who is working from home at the moment.” – Norah

Sibling showdown

impact of circuit breaker

Impact of circuit breaker: realising that our siblings are not who we think they are. | Image: iStock

What’s the fun of being siblings when you don’t engage in playful banters or snitch on them whenever you get the chance to?

“Personally, I’ve worked from home for many years but it’s my first time seeing my brother working from home… and he’s on his Xbox.” – Jason

“My older sister knows how to cook a decent meal and I am very grateful for that, but she does too many exercises in a day (from app workouts while talking on Skype with a friend, to going out to run in the morning or midnight). Meanwhile, my younger sister would rather spend the entire day locked up in her room than conversing with the family.” – Ellie

“I realised that my sister-in-law is shopping for groceries a few times a day.” – Norah

Pets are our lives

Things We Never Knew About Our Family Members (Pets Included) Before the Circuit Breaker

Image: iStock

The only thing that’s keeping our sanity at home is probably our pets — they are family too, after all. Sure, they may have soiled your carpet with a pee accident, but the look in their eyes will always melt away the anger.

By staying at home more often, we get to spend every waking hour with our pets and learn new things about them. Spoiler alert: some will make your heart fuzzy, while others may tear your heart into pieces.

“My dog likes to bask his butt in the morning sun. I now realise that when I’m gone for work, he would jump into my bed and sleep on my pillow.” – Rainer

“I think I’m starting to read my dog better now, just the other day he wasn’t as excited about his food and I figured it’s probably because it’s too watery. I threw out the water and he started chomping on his kibbles again. I also realised his way of being ‘Manja’ (affectionate) is by leaning his forehead against my legs.” – Melissa

“I suspected for a few months that my good boy, Cody, has gotten hard of hearing. I would call him and he would ignore me. I kind of confirmed it during the WFH period. I was behind him when he was sleeping, then he woke up and looked up like he was searching for us. I called him many, many times while standing behind him and he remained oblivious. Looking at the bigger picture, he’s already 13 years of age; I’m glad that it’s only his hearing that has a problem.” – Kar Peng

This post was first published on AsiaOne and was republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Things We Never Knew About Our Family Members (Pets Included) Before the Circuit Breaker

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