What Can You Do if Your Husband Wants Another Baby, but You're Not Yet Ready?

What Can You Do if Your Husband Wants Another Baby, but You're Not Yet Ready?

The choice to have a baby should be something that both a husband and wife agrees on, since having a child is a big responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly.

While having a child is an amazing experience, having a child isn't easy.

First off, mums carry their babies for 9 months inside their womb, and giving birth isn't exactly the most fun thing in the world. Once they give birth, there's the responsibility of taking care of the child, and making sure that they have a wonderful environment to grow up in.

So what can a mum do if her husband wants to have a baby, but she feels that she's not yet ready?

It's a shared responsibility, and a shared decision

As much as some mums would love to have a lot of kids, it's not always a great idea to do so. Important things to consider would be your financial stability, the mother's age, and the parents' ability to handle the responsibility of having a child.

Children can also impact the strength of a marriage, since taking care of kids means that a lot of time is spent on making sure the kids grow up right, so the romance and intimacy in the marriage will surely take a hit.

Some parents also get stressed out easily, and taking care of too many kids might make them feel burned out, and unable to be at their 100%.

Having a child is a big decision, so a couple should make sure that both of them want to have another child, and that they're financially, emotionally, and physically ready for the additional responsibility.

No need to rush

In all honesty, there's no need to rush if you and your spouse want to have another child. Some married couples who plan on having 2-3 kids feel that they should have their kids as soon as possible, since they want their kids to grow up together.

However, there's really no 'best' time to have kids. Couples should have kids so long as they're ready, and not feel that they should have to rush things. Thinking long and hard about the best time to have kids is important since having a child is a big responsibility that shouldn't be left as an afterthought.

If your husband wants to have another child, but you're not yet ready to get pregnant and give birth, and take care of another baby, then you should tell your husband.

Tell him that you want a child, but not at the moment, since you feel that you're not yet ready as a couple. It's important to be honest when it comes to these things as lying to your husband won't do either of you any good.

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Source: theguardian.com

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