Singapore mum furious after husband caught dating mum of daughter's classmate

Singapore mum furious after husband caught dating mum of daughter's classmate

How would you feel if your husband dates another woman? This Singapore mum got the shock of her life when she discovered that her husband had been dating the mother of her kid's classmate!

She is now demanding that this "other woman" pay up all the "lunch money" her hubby blew on her.

Husband Dates Another Woman

The wife, Madam Lin, recently told her story to Lianhe Wanbao.  Apparently, in July 2017, the family was facing financial problems, and decided to sell their flat, and move into a smaller one.

They got to know that their daughter's classmate's mother, Ms.Kang, was a real estate agent, so they approached her for help.

Daddy Xie Yan Hua was the one who usually picked their daughter up from kindergarten every day. According to Madam Lin, Ms.Kang used the chance to get closer to him.

She would suggest that they go out for lunch after the kids' classes every day. She would also insist that Mr. Xie pay the bill. This happened for six months.

Mr. Xie has been quoted as saying, "Other than main courses, she and her daughter would also have desserts. Each time, this would amount to over $20.

“Over the past six months, this has amounted to over $2,000.”

Ms Kang claims that they always paid for their own meals separately.

Child Informs Mummy of Daddy's Affair

Meanwhile, Madam Lin's daughter informed her of daddy's closeness with Ms. Kang.

Daddy Xie then confessed about his emotional affair, though he maintains that he has never physically cheated on his wife.

According to his version, Ms. Kang would always flirt with him. She even invited him home on multiple occasions to "hang out", which he'd decline.

It seems Mr Xie had thought of “taking the next step” with her, but backed out, after realising that she was only after his money.

Mr. Xie told Lianhe Wanbao, "My wife and I have lodged a police report and hope to expose this woman for what she has done."

"We also hope to retrieve the money which I spent on her. This amounts to over $2,000. My monthly salary is only about $1,000, so this sum of money is quite substantial to me.”

Apparently, Ms Kang has also filed a police report.


Source: Lianhe Wanbao, Stomp

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