Huggies Jeans Pants - Your Solution To Dressing Your Toddler

Huggies Jeans Pants - Your Solution To Dressing Your Toddler

For fashionable toddlers, Huggies Singapore is launching a new limited edition diaper that looks like real jeans.

Huggies Jeans Pants

It had boiled down to me against her. And she was a force to be reckoned with. I lay in wait by her stroller, her tiny cargo pants clutched tightly to my chest, waiting for the right time to grab her left leg and shove it into the pants hole.

My attempt at forcing Rebecca, my feisty 16-month old, to wear her pants brought back memories of the day I tried and miserably failed to catch tadpoles with my hands when I was barely 16.

At least with Rebecca I knew that I didn't have to worry I'd wind up face down in the pond, but now looking over the blue black marks on my arms caused by the kung fu stunts of a tantrum throwing, clothes-hating toddler didn’t seem like a much better trade off!

Huggies Jeans Pants

If dressing your tot is as painful for you as it is for me, stock up on Huggies new limited edition diaper. Suitable for wearing on its own, the fuss free and oh-so-fashionable diaper looks like real jeans.

The limited edition diapers are suitable for babies above 8kg onwards (sizes L to XXL). Available for a limited period of time from July, you can pick up your stash from any Cold Storage outlet located around the Island.

Also, for the launch of the diapers, Huggies will be having a Fashion Runway Contest, with babyGap as the Official Baby Apparel Partner on 5 July at VivoCity. Do drop by and watch these toddlers strike their winning poses!

What we like:

1) The pull-up style makes toddlers feel more grown up and teaches them how to wear their clothes.

2) It saves mommies the hassle of having to change both diapers and clothes.

3) Although fashionable, these diapers still maintain Huggies standards in being convenient, highly absorbent and having a comfortable stretch fit.

What we did not like:

1) Although denim-inspired, it would be more fun if there were more designs and colours to choose from, such as red or yellow.

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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