Huggies® Ultra Pants: Superior comfort for babies on the move!

Huggies® Ultra Pants: Superior comfort for babies on the move!

A baby on the move needs pants that move with him. Keep reading to find out how you can get your FREE sample of the NEW Huggies® Ultra Pants.

To a baby who has just started moving, the world is truly her oyster.

This little baby has much to explore and much to learn! She starts off by first rolling, then sitting up and next, crawling.

After she has mastered the art of crawling, she will stand up and start her journey on her two feet... at first cautiously taking those first few wobbly steps, then strutting with confidence.

Huggies® ultra pants Now, imagine what it would be like to see the world through her eyes as she starts her growing up journey? Well this is what Huggies has done.

At each of these developmental stages, babies learn so many new things about the world around them. One thing is for sure, too — they need to be comfortable so that they can learn and explore the world around them.

New Huggies® Ultra Pants

New Huggies® Ultra Pants are designed to fit like real underwear; therefore, your baby will be  comfortable all day long.

Now babies can have the freedom to explore without the uncomfortable feeling of dampness. The Huggies® Ultra Pants slimmer and have a wetness indicator, which will turn blue when your baby needs a change.

Huggies® ultra pants Huggies® conducted research on 1000 Asian babies when designing the Ultra Pants.

That being said, the New Huggies® Ultra Pants are extra absorbent too — the new slim absorbent core technology helps lock wetness away without the bulk and provides superior overnight absorbency up to 12 hours.

These Huggies® Ultra Pants also have a specially designed leakage protection band, which gives double layered leakage protection leg guards.

This means your little one is sure to have a good night's sleep!

Better fit

Huggies® has studied over 1,000 Asian babies to come up with this new design. It is slimmer, more flexible and designed to fit Asian babies like underwear.

Huggies® Ultra Pants comes with 'easy open' sides and magic tapes that can be refastened and adjusted to get the perfect fit and superior comfort your baby needs.

Babies on the move need pants that move with them. The new Huggies® Ultra Pants provide protection without inhibiting your baby’s movements.

Huggies® Ultra Pants A baby needs to be super comfortable when he or she starts to move and explore the world.


Meet baby Cara who grew up with new Huggies® Ultra Pants and see the world from her perspective.

Click here to enter Baby Cara’s world and follow her milestones!  

Get a free sample!

Do you want to have your little one try out this innovative diaper? Request for your free sample for the new Huggies® Ultra Pants right here.

Have you tried the Huggies® Ultra Pants diapers on your baby? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment! 

Huggies® Ultra Pant – for fit. Huggies® has studied over 1,000 Asian babies to deliver Huggies® Ultra Pants, designed specially to fit Asian baby contours.

Huggies® Ultra Pant – 12-hour overnight absorbency Claim: For Huggies Ultra Pant (M-L) - Based on research on average urination rate of babies per 12 hrs. For Huggies Ultra Pant (XL-XXL) - Based on extrapolation of research on average urination rate of babies per 12 hrs.


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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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