Presenting a diaper that fits your baby's contours perfectly: Moony Diapers!!!

Presenting a diaper that fits your baby's contours perfectly: Moony Diapers!!!

Are you on the lookout for a diaper that fits your baby's contours perfectly? Keep reading to know more about Moony Diapers and their 'Moony Air Fit' technology.

If you are a new mum you will surely need to stock up on diapers for your new little angel. But, in a market that’s flooded with numerous varieties of diapers, how do you make a choice?


You need to choose a diaper your baby will be happy and comfortable in!

Well, you can start off by listing what you expect from a diaper. A good diaper should:

  • Have a superior fit to ensure your baby’s comfort, and prevent leakage
  • Be soft against your baby’s delicate skin
  • Be flexible so as to not hinder your baby’s movement
  • Not be bulky and should preferably be slim
  • Be super-absorbent

Moony Diapers fit your baby better


Moony Diapers

Moony Diapers come in Newborn (until 5kg), small (4-8kg), Medium (6-20kg) and Large (9-12kg)

Moony Diapers ‘hits’ all the above-mentioned points, and fits your baby’s contours perfectly without being restricting or too tight. In fact, this premium Japanese brand has the most technologically superior diaper design in the world.

This technology, called the ‘Moony Air Fit’, is so light and soft, it takes the shape of your baby’s body perfectly. This means all-around comfort for your baby — and peace of mind for you.

Slimmer design

Because of its slim fit, Moony Diapers are gaining popularity among many parents.

This slim design ensures your baby is comfortable and dry when he needs to be active and move around during the day. He’ll also be able to sleep soundly throughout the night, without being bothered by a wet and leaking diaper.

Extra absorbent

One more great thing about Moony’s slim design is that it doesn’t compromise on absorption either. Moony is super-absorbent and keeps your baby comfortable — even with a full diaper at night!

A wetness indicator changes colour from yellow to blue-green when the diaper is wet. This very useful feature will give parents a good indication when their baby needs a change.

Moony Diapers

Main features of Moony Diapers

Convenient to clean and dispose

With Moony Diapers, cleaning and disposing is a breeze. The sides of the diaper can be easily torn off for a super-quick change.

What’s more, there is an adhesive tape that makes rolling and sealing the diaper for disposal easier.

Moony Man Pants

Moony diapers

Moony Man Pants – perfect for busy little ones on the go!

With up to 12 hours of liquid retention and the ergonomic anti-leakage mesh on the legs, the Moony Man pants are the perfect choice for when your baby is bigger.

Moony diapers

Main features of Moony Man Pants.

The Moony Man Pants are also as slim and comfortable as the Moony Diapers — and a fabulous plus point is that the Moony Man Pants come in separate designs for girls and boys!


Shop online for Moony diapers

You can now purchase Moony diapers from online stores like Rakuten – and have them delivered to your home quickly.

Click here to start shopping now!

moony diapers

Mums, have you tried Moony Diapers on your baby? What are your thoughts on them? Leave a comment to let us know…


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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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