Hubby fattens wife up with steroids

Hubby fattens wife up with steroids

Watching a man feed his wife would, in a sane world, be a romantic and loving gesture. But then, the world turns topsy turvy when you find out that your hubby has been drugging you with substances that make you sprout facial hair and pack on the pounds. What?!

Hubby fattens wife up with steroids

No doubt there are many bizarre fetishes out there. Some husbands like giant feet, some like their wives plump, plush and well fed and others like them hairy. OK, we’re kidding. But you never know…

Well here’s a case of a man who drugged his wife so that she became a fat stay-at-home mom. This husband really has control issues…

Stuffed with steriods

The steroids that Dalwara Singh sneaked into his wife’s food gave her some really nasty side effects. The wife started developing facial hair and also started breaking out in spots. He slipped the drugs into her dinner!

Dalwara was caught red handed by their teenage daughter. He was deep in his act of grinding a pestle and mortar in his bedroom when the daughter saw him. Later his wife discovered drugs stashed away in a securely locked cupboard. After finding the drugs, the wife called the cops.

At the Leicester Crown Court, Dalwara did not deny administering a poison with intent to injure.

No repercussions?

Drugging his wife did not land Dalwara in jail, he was handed a suspended prison sentence instead.

Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: "You may have been doing it to make her give up her job, gain weight and stay indoors and make her want you and rely on you. It was a well-planned exercise and you say you gave her the steroids at least four or five times. It's had a terrible effect on her, causing long-term emotional harm."

Dalwara is "deeply embarrassed and ashamed" and has moved out of the household. He now lives alone and has limited access to his kids but he still pays the wife’s bills. He’s also given a retraining order that bans him from contacting his wife other than through solicitors or social services.

Hairy stay-at-home mom

They got hitched 17 years ago and have a boy and a girl aged 15 and 16. Caroline Bray who was prosecuting said that the wife was drugged so that she’d only stay at home. Caroline said to the court: "He wanted to stop her from going out for walks, because he wanted her to be at home to cook for him and look after the children. He said he didn't consider the side effects and intended to stop.”

What’s worse is: "These steroids have no listed benefits for women and can have permanent masculating effects, although they weren't administered long enough in this case."


What would you want your hubby to feed you?


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Felicia Chin

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