Singapore husband beats wife mercilessly at Jurong bus stop

Singapore husband beats wife mercilessly at Jurong bus stop

A video of a husband beating wife in Singapore has made news. The incident apparently happened at a bus stop in Jurong....

A video of a husband beating wife in Singapore has made news. The couple were in the middle of divorce proceedings when the altercation happened.

The incident apparently occurred at a bus stop near Block 408 Jurong West Street 42, at around 4 pm.

Video shows husband beating wife in Singapore bus stop

Apparently, all hell broke loose when the couple ran into each other on a bus on the afternoon of 11 November 2018.

According to Shin Min Daily News, it was something the woman said that angered the man and triggered the dispute.

It seems, the man pushed the woman off the bus when they reached the bus stop.

husband beating wife in Singapore

A bus commuter took a video of the man beating his wife, pinning her down and punching her face. The woman is seen struggling to break free from his grip.

The 9-second video was posted on Weibo first.

The woman suffered injuries to her head and hands and was taken to hospital for treatment. According to Stomp, a police report has been lodged.

Helplines for dealing with family violence

Here are some things you can do if you find yourself in an abusive relationship:

1.  Seek help immediately

For immediate advice or help, call:

  • Police – 999
  • AWARE Helpline – 1800 777 5555 (Mon–Fri, 3 pm– 9.30 pm)

In the event that a life is in danger, call the Police at 999 immediately.

2.  See the doctor

  • Immediately visit the doctor in case of serious physical injuries. 
  • Remember to tell your doctor the truth
  • Do remember that your personal information is secure. The law ensures that medical reports are private.
  • If you do experience abuse and find it a serious issue, you will still find visiting a doctor beneficial. A doctor’s medical report can help you if decide to apply for a Personal Protection Order (PPO).
  • Retain your receipt for the medical services as evidence.

3. Lodge a Police Report

  • Lodging a police report is beneficial even if you don’t want to take legal action, as police reports  may help if you do apply for legal protection.
  • To start, visit a police service counter – any will do – including neighbourhood police posts.
  • Photocopy the police report so that you can refer to it later. 
  • Keep check of eyewitness accounts, texts, emails or recordings that could possible indicate forms of harassment that isn’t so obvious, such as emotional abuse or physical abuse. 

4. Seek Counsellors or Other Forms of Support

  • If you need someone to talk to, you can always visit a counsellor who can guide you better. 
  • Counselling may also help aggressors admit that they’re wrong and change for the better.
  • Here’s a list of organisations which provide counselling services:

Please call ComCare on 1800 222 0000 to be connected to the nearest centre.

These Family Service Centres specialise in counselling related to family violence:

5. Stay in a Crisis Shelter

  • If you find yourself having no way out, or no other person to turn to, a crisis shelter is your last resort. 
  • For Crisis Shelter admission, you need a referral from:
    • Police
    • Any Family Service Center or hospital social workers
  • Note that you can stay in a crisis shelter home for no longer than three months.

6. Apply for a Personal Protection Order

The following parties can apply for a Protection Order if they are facing family violence

  • spouse or former spouse
  • a child, including adopted and step children
  • father, mother, in-laws or siblings of the offender
  • any other relative or a person who is unable to look after himself or herself, who in the opinion of the court should be regarded as a member

In Singapore, a PPO can be applied for in the Family Court in person or through a Family Lawyer for ease and peace of mind. Protection Orders are not available to protect parties in non-marital intimate relationships.

In the event that a life is in danger, call the Police at 999 immediately.

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(Source: Stomp, AWARE)

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