Zoe Tay Shares Why She Instilled a Sense of Charity in Her Sons From Young

Zoe Tay Shares Why She Instilled a Sense of Charity in Her Sons From Young

“I’m 70 per cent strict mum and 30 per cent crazy mother.”

When the term “Ah Jie” (big sister) surfaces, we Singaporeans will automatically think of television’s iconic Zoe Tay. How can we not? The undisputed queen of local entertainment has been a major part since our childhood, gifting us with her prowess in acting. Apart from her stellar acting, Zoe Tay shows us how to teach kindness and empathy and engages in doing her part for charity — is there anything about her we can disagree on, really?

Doing her part for charity

How To Teach Kindness And Empathy


It’s easy for one to say that they want to do charity. But this Ah Jie “makes it a point to do her part for charity whenever she can,” according to an interview she had with Toggle. In fact, she is no stranger to charity shows.

This year is no exception, just that she will be taking on something new — a solo dance performance. Watch her take to the screen with a contemporary dance performance this coming October 14, as part of The President’s Star Charity 2018. 

As she stepped into the big 50 this year, Tay also took her efforts for the community even further by launching an awareness campaign for women’s causes called “You can say no”.

Having visited a beneficiary this year, she shares that it “tugged on her heartstrings just that little more this year”. The lady was a victim of domestic violence, which was something that resonated with her self-initiated “You can say no” campaign.

Tay says that the lady was “very lucky to have had a helping hand reach out to her when she needed it. I really respect her for being able to stay positive throughout everything,” she added. 

Apparently, that is what the mother of three sons continuously try to impart to her children, although not through charity shows or other large-scale events. 

Imparting Positive Values To her Sons: Zoe Tay on How To Teach Kindness And Empathy

How To Teach Kindness And Empathy


Her three sons, Brayden, 13, Ashton, 10, and Nathan, 7, have been taught from young to be more conscious of the things around them. 

The dedicated mother has instilled simple values since they were young: things like clearing their own plates at a hawker centre or helping an elderly person who seems to be having trouble with their heavy load.

Tay and her hubby, Philip, have even come up with a “points system” for her children.

“They get a point if they do something good, and when they reach 100 points, they get to choose something they like, preferably a book,” she says. 

On one hand, the boys get to do something good and on the other, they learn the virtue of earning things for themselves. 

Besides, the boys will be more motivated to “do things for one another to earn points”, creating more opportunities for bonding. 

On how to teach kindness and empathy, Zoe Tay is positive that her efforts “will surely bear fruit”, albeit slowly. “I’m sure they’ll do what they can, in their own ways, as they grow older.”

Zoe Tay on discipline

Zoe Tay is a strict mother but she is fun as well. According to Tay, she is a “70 per cent strict mum and 30 per cent crazy mother”. 

Tay definitely does not spare the rod when it comes to disciplining her three sons. She thinks that naughty children should be punished. While many might disagree with her method, the mum too, says it’s “heartbreaking” to cane her own children.

“But it’s really the last resort.” 

Like any other “kiasu” parent out there, she also enrols her children for extra tuition classes. The difference is that she closely assesses her children’s progress. She feels that discussions about what they want to achieve and setting goals could help. 

Seeing that her eldest son, Brayden, had passed his PSLE with flying colours in 2017 with a score above 270 and achieved an A* for all of his subjects, her efforts have indeed paid off.

Sometimes, parents have got to do what they have to do.


*This article is from our archives.

Source: ToggleChannel NewsAsia, 8days

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