Zoe Tay turns 51 and here's her golden advice on career, motherhood and more!

Zoe Tay turns 51 and here's her golden advice on career, motherhood and more!

Zoe Tay turns 50! Does she worry about growing old? What advice would she give her younger self? Read all this and more!

Can you believe that the Queen of Caldecott Hill, and everyone’s favourite “Ah Jie”, Zoe Tay, turns 51 on 10 Jan 2019? 

Well, judging by how gorgeous she still looks, she seems to be aging like fine wine!

Now that she has reached the golden 50 mark, what advice would she give her younger self?

Zoe Tay tells Channel NewsAsia, “Keep it real. Be yourself. Learn from your mistakes. You should not give up and be happy with whatever chances are given to you.”

Zoe also reveals that when she first started off as an actor more than 30 years back, she would easily get discouraged and depressed by failure. She had even thought of moving away from acting!

She has grown wiser with age, “You may not be the best all the time, but you should give it a hundred per cent. I know it’s very tiring and difficult. And it even gets depressing sometimes. But you have to believe that after today, tomorrow will be better.”

“You may not get the best roles, neither will you (always) get the jobs you want to do. But that is the process that will make you become a better you.”

Zoe Tay


And how does she rate herself as a mum? What is her equation with the kids like?

“I’m 70 per cent strict mum and 30 per cent crazy mother”, says this mum of 3 to Channel NewsAsia.

If you didn’t know, Zoe is married to air force pilot Philip Chionh, and has 3 sons, Brayden, 13, Ashton 10 and Nathan, 7.

This mummy loves spending time with her kids. She recently told The Straits Times,  “I try to have as much bonding as I can, with them.”

Her oldest son is now a teenager and she loves pulling his leg about his dream girlfriend. Apparently, when she asked him, “How about Rebecca (Lim)?”, he immediately nodded his head with a smile. 

Zoe told him, “Good taste, mummy also approves!”

She feels that becoming a mother at a late age helped her become calmer (and wiser?).

“Even though I started having a relationship and family much later in life, I found the right man and have three lovely kids so no, there are no regrets.”

“Although it’s a bit tiring to take care of them at this age. My kids are mischievous … and I’m still running around after them!”

When she isn’t working, this mama enjoys doing routine tasks like housework, yoga, driving the kids to tuition classes and spending time with her mum.

Zoe Tay


Does she ever worry about growing old? Will she ever consider plastic surgery?

She once admitted to The Straits Times that ill health does worry her, “I’m 50-50. I’m pretty contented with what I have today, so in that sense it’s not so bad getting a bit old.”

Zoe is a big believer of aging naturally. In fact, she has never had procedures like Botox and fillers done!

“It’s personal preference… I’m quite happy with the way I am”, she tells The Straits Times.

But she is also quick to clarify, “I should not say no. Maybe in the future because it’s so common now it becomes like a beauty treatment, not so much like a plastic procedure.”

And finally, what is THE Zoe Tay’s birthday wish?

“Good health”, she tells iWeekly magazine.

She also talks about the next 50 years, “I’ll be enjoying (them), that’s my wish! I’m really looking forward (to what comes next).”

“It’s not the end, you know. I’ve been in this industry for 30 years and I feel that I’ve not tried a lot of other different roles. I’m open to trying any role.”

And we think happiness matters a lot to her too. She once told The Straits Times, “Happiness is very important. It can make you healthy, and can make you pretty also.”

Here’s wishing Ah Jie good health and happiness then. Long live the Queen! 

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(Source: Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times)

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