7 Common Man-nags by Married Men and How Wives Can Stop Them

7 Common Man-nags by Married Men and How Wives Can Stop Them

Want to know how to stop your man from nagging? Read on to try these 7 tips!

If there ever was a formula on how to stop a man from nagging, I would love to know. Because as much as they would love to deny it, just like women, men nag too and especially about the things they feel very strongly about.

You see, despite how much they claim life is simple for them, everyone has needs and expectations. So when those are not met, chances are you won’t hear the end of it.

Here are seven of the most common things husbands won’t stop yapping about, along with tips on how to stop a man from nagging.

The Most Common Man-Nags and Tips on How to Stop a Man from Nagging

#1 “Am I getting some tonight or not?”

7 Common Man-nags by Married Men and How Wives Can Stop Them

Sad woman and angry her boyfriend on the bed

Men are wired to have a one-track mind. So when they want sex, they just want sex. They don’t want to listen to you lamenting about your horrible day or your explanation on why sex is the last thing on your mind at the end of the day. Nope, it won’t compute. Bottom line is “Am I getting some tonight or not?”

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About Sex (Or not Getting It): 

To put your man out of his misery, try appeasing him with the idea of morning sex. Surely the idea of having a romp in the bed first thing in the morning is far more appealing than after a long and horrible day at work.

It is a great way to start the day and you might as well make good use of that ever-present morning erection. So DO drop hints that a morning quickie is far more desirable. I’m sure he won’t be able to wipe that smile off his face after (and let you sleep in peace).

#2 “I want to be babied too”

how to stop a man from nagging

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Some men just want all the attention you can give them and more. But when you add kids into the equation, and suddenly they’re not your one and only anymore. THIS is when the nagging will start.

It is quite unavoidable because women are natural caregivers and tend to put their children first. Anyway, most men are big babies themselves who won’t take too kindly to being demoted on your priority list. 

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About Not Getting Enough Attention: 

As crazy as running a family might be, do make time for each other. Although this doesn’t mean that women should coordinate date nights every single time on the pretext that women know their kids’ schedules better. Men can do it too! Watch, learn and execute.

When men make the initiative to plan out date nights or help with sorting out the kids or pitching in without being told, then point #1 up there would be a no-brainer!

#3 “That’s not how my mother makes it”

how to stop a man from nagging

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And it doesn’t have to be. It is okay if you can’t cook better than his mother (and his entire family tree). If you can put a decent meal on the table he ought to be thankful — but don’t tell him that.

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About You Not Being His Mum: 

If your man starts nagging about the lack of menu variety and questioning your food choices, bite the bullet and ask him to give you some suggestions. Start dusting off those recipe books.

Honestly, it’s not worth the fight. And there will be peace and quiet once his mouth and belly are full. Also, if your man can cook, why not let him take over for a couple of days? At least then you won’t have to deal with any more nagging and you can catch a much-deserved breather from the kitchen.

And if he truly is his mother’s son, then replicating her cooking shouldn’t be an issue, right? 

#4 “Are you getting fat?”

how to stop a man from naggingTo be honest, I’m quite sure most women WOULD like to go back to what they once were.  But sometimes, men expect us to look like the very same woman they first fell in love with! They forget variables like growing old, hormones, and having popped a baby or two out of our vaginas. 

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About Your Shape and Size: 

First off, it’s probably not fair if his six-pack is gone too, but try getting back in shape for yourself because you WANT to be healthy. Oh, of course, you can always let him think that all the effort is for him (queue point #2). But a healthier and better you is really win-win for you both.

#5 “You’re not spontaneous anymore”

7 Common Man-nags by Married Men and How Wives Can Stop ThemThe thing is, being spontaneous is really quite the feat when you’re married with children running about. What if they walk in on you while you’re busy in bed? Just imagine all the questions (I just cannot…). And don’t even think about dropping everything and going off on romantic holidays whenever you want!

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About Not Jumping Him Every Five Minutes (AKA Spontaneity): 

Be creative if you need to keep the spark going… within reason of course, there’s still the kids to think about.

If your kids are old enough to be on their own for a bit (this is when the TV really comes handy), try jumping your husband while he’s in the shower and give him a little surprise. Quick shower sex might just be what the doctor ordered!

#6 “The house is a mess”

how to stop a man from nagging

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Many men believe that women should always do all the cleaning. Truth is both of you live in that house and NOBODY wants to come home to a messy house.

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About a Messy House: 

Share and distribute the cleaning. If everyone does their part, cleaning up will be done in a jiffy. Talk to your man about sharing chores in the house, maybe he isn’t aware that you actually need the help. Make it even sweeter to him by whispering in his ears about a sexy reward if he starts helping around the house…

#7 “Why don’t you discipline the kids?”

how to stop a man from nagging

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Forget good-cop-bad-cop discipline. He thinks you’re too lenient and his way is better and right.

How to Stop a Man from Nagging About Disciplining the Kids: 

When it comes to disciplining, both of you need to agree on certain things. A mum’s instinct is always to cater to the emotional needs of her children. But that doesn’t mean you won’t overlook certain things. So sit your man down and talk it through and come to a compromise. It is important the kids know that you’re on the same team to make disciplining effective.


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