Dads are more than just ‘mom substitutes’

Dads are more than just ‘mom substitutes’

Sometimes, even moms think that dads aren't capable of taking care of the kids. However, dads are definitely more than just 'mom substitutes.'

Dads can take care of the kids just as well

In a family, dads are traditionally the ones who work and provide for the family. Meanwhile, moms are the ones who stay at home and take care of the kids.

This leads to the usual notion that dads aren't good at taking care of kids, and that they're clueless when it comes to basic household chores. I mean, just watch the video below, and you'll see how people treat dads like clumsy parents who don't know what to do if they're left alone with their kids.

This sort of thinking promotes the idea that only moms should be the one to take care of the kids, when in reality, either the mom, the dad, or even both of them are fully capable of handling the household, and taking care of the kids. Dads can take care of their family just as well as moms do, it isn't a gender specific role.

Dads are not a 'mom substitute'

Sharing parenting responsibilities shouldn't be a 'new' thing. Dads should actively be encouraged to take care of the kids, especially if their wives are tired, or if there's an emergency that they need to attend to.

These days, stay-at-home dads are a thing, and there's nothing wrong with that. Women are just as capable when it comes to providing for their family, and men are just as capable of managing the household.

It's a parent's job to guide their children, teach them important life skills, and take care of them, it's not a role that's exclusive to mothers.

We should encourage dads to be more hands-on, as children who grow up close with both of their parents grow up to be more well-adjusted, and also helps them to connect with other people, and also have the benefit of being able to talk to either of their parents whenever they have problems.

So for the dads out there, don't think you're any less because people have stereotypes about dads. Break those stereotypes, and prove to everyone that you're just as capable of being a parent as your wife.


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Alwyn Batara

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