4 ways to end a marriage the right way

4 ways to end a marriage the right way

They say that there's never a right way to end a relationship. But we say, admitting that your marriage has failed is taking the first step in the right direction. Read more to find out how to end your marriage the right way.

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Find out how to end a marriage the right way

You have been having problems with your marriage for some time now and you have finally decided that all the heartaches and pains are not worth it. Failed marriages happen but unfortunately, it had to happen to you. It may feel like your life is ending, and it has no more purpose. However, do not lose hope and don’t hesitate to start your life anew. The very first thing that you need to do to move on is to end marriage the right way. Do you know what your options are? Find out what option is best for you.

How to End Marriage:


You and your partner could choose to go your separate ways without going through a divorce. This option has the least amount of hassle associated with it. Unfortunately, if ever comes a time that you want to get married to someone else in the future, then you will have to go through a specific legal option to end marriage first.

Legal Separation

This is a legal action that appropriately divides assets, debts, and, if children are present, then parental rights too. Basically, you and your spouse will come up with an agreement on how to go over everything. Although this process will not dissolve a marriage, this is the most peaceful way of ending a marriage. Couples who are legally separated cannot get married to another person unless divorce or annulment is granted.

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Most marriages end in divorce and most of them end up really dirty. This is the process often chosen by couples, who are not on good terms with each other. Most divorces are contested with each party trying to get as much of the family’s asset as they can. Uncontested divorces are rare but are possible.


Unlike divorce that acknowledges the marriage and its unresolved issues, annulment is the legal process that will establish that the marriage was never binding and valid. Annulment cannot be used to end marriage unless it meets one of the grounds, which includes the following: one of the spouses was married by coercion, one of the spouses concealed important things, one spouse is mentally incapacitated, both spouses are closely related, and one spouse is not of legal age.

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All things considered

Determining what process to undergo to end marriage is strictly all up to you. However, you should properly study all your options. While you are not required to hire an attorney, you might consider hiring one just to make sure that you receive everything you deserve legally. The most important thing is to end marriage as civilly and amicably as you can. This is encouraged especially if kids are involved. Show them that you and your ex-spouse can be courteous to each other even if it just for their sake. This can be hard if the relationship had some sort of abuse involved in it.

Are you undergoing marriage difficulties and would want to end marriage? What process are you thinking of doing? Are you ready to be single again? Tell us what you feel. We would love to hear your side of the story.

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