How to discipline your baby: 8 things to keep in mind

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How should we go about correcting our young children's bad behavior?

When your baby gets older, it’s normal for her to start showing some attitude—throwing tantrums, willfully defying your orders, and so forth. It’s hard enough disciplining an older child, even more so with a toddler, who you can barely reason with. The experts at Young Parents enumerated some golden rules for us to follow when disciplining our young children:

1. Discipline with love

Remember that however you choose to discipline your child, you should always do it with love. Discipline is not forcing your child to behave a certain way, but is about wanting the best for your child. After disciplining your child, always reassure her that you love her, offering a hug.

how to discipline baby

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2. Present a united front

If you think that you have a good cop/bad cop dynamic in your home, this should be fixed. Your child is smart—she’ll quickly pick up on who she can approach to get her own way, and in the end, it’ll get even more difficult to correct her behavior. Consistency is key.

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