How To Add Spice And Romance To Your Relationship With Feng Shui

How To Add Spice And Romance To Your Relationship With Feng Shui

By learning two basic Feng Shui techniques, you will spice up your love life and facilitate your partner’s continued attraction towards you!

Is your house a love nest? No, we’re not asking if it’s a bachelor’s pad; some houses are better than others for fostering and maintaining romance. This difference all boils down to a home’s Feng Shui, and whether the positive energies that facilitate the art of love has been activated.

Thankfully, harnessing these energies isn’t too complicated. By coming to terms with two basic Feng Shui techniques, you are set to bring back a little spice to your love life and facilitate your partner’s continued attraction towards you!

Tapping Into The Yan Nian Direction


feng shui for marriage problems

Much of romance at home transpires between the sheets, so it should come as no surprise that one of the Feng Shui methods of assisting your love life involves your bed!

The most common, and arguably one of the most effective, methods to spice up your love life is by tapping into the Yan Nian Direction. This direction, which can be derived from looking at your own BaZi chart, is the direction where Yin and Yang Qi are perfectly balanced. With these energies in equilibrium, it creates an ideal space for developing healthy person-to-person interactions. Meanwhile, the Yan Nian also helps calm emotions, which means using it can also quell arguments so that you lovebirds can focus more on elevating the romance!

Everyone has a personal Yan Nian that is based on one’s Life Gua. You can take a look at your own Yan Nian direction by registering and plotting your own BaZi chart @ In any case, onece you have determined your Yan Nian Direction, try to adjust your bed so that your head sleeping pointing in the direction of Yan Nian.

A Peachy Romance With The Peach Blossom


feng shui for marriage problems

The term Peach Blossom is derived from Chinese poetry and imagery, and has very strong links with the notions of love and romance. Harnessing this Star can improve your chances with the opposite sex if you’re currently single, or boost the bonds between your significant other and you!

The Peach Blossom is one of the most famous terms within the study Feng Shui, with a very notorious reputation associated with straying spouses, among other things. However, the Peach Blossom Star is an overall good thing to activate in your house, as it enhances your magnetism, so to speak. It essentially can make you more attractive – though not necessarily physically – in the eyes of your romantic partner.

Some Feng Shui consultant suggests using some form of Water element, placing said item within the sector your House Peach Blossom resides in order to activate it. This is a simple enough method, but you may not even require water to facilitate activate. Regular use of the sector where this Star resides is sufficient. That said, since this sector represents your “attractiveness”, it’s wise to keep this space look attractive too. In order, ensure that the room with the Peach Blossom is always tidy, clean and NOT clutter. This will allow the benevolent Qi to flow smoothly and unimpeded, allowing you to harness it and maintain the lovey-dovey sensation between you and yours.

These two primary, yet simple Feng Shui methods are typically the go-to when it comes to love and relationship. However, don’t mistake these Feng Shui technique as some magical cure. While Feng Shui can and will help you in matters of love, it’s YOU that ultimately has to take the initiative to add spice to you love life the old fashion way. With your own efforts and Feng Shui hand-in-hand, you’d be well equipped to keep the spark of love burning even brighter than before.

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