How much ang pow to give for Chinese New Year in Singapore?

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Do you know how much ang pow to give for Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is coming up, and once again, it's that time of the year to give and receive red packets! While the little ones are so looking forward to receiving some extra pocket money, the question that daunts most parents is usually, how much ang pow to give for Chinese New Year?

Here then, is a helpful guide!

How much ang pow to give for Chinese New Year? Some basic rules!

Before we get to the details of how much ang pow to give for Chinese New Year, let's look at some very interesting "rules" related to these auspicious red packets:

  • Married adults give, not receive

According to Chinese tradition, once you get married, you become a giver and not a receiver of ang pows. You get the privilege to distribute ang pows to those who still remain single or are younger.

Also, parents are no longer required to give ang pows to their children who are married. Instead, these children are expected to give ang pows to their parents to thank them for the years spent on raising them and to wish them longevity.

how much ang pow to give for chinese new year

  • No odd numbers, please!

The Chinese generally consider even numbers to be auspicious, because apparently, good things come in pairs! Hence the amount in ang pows is usually in even numbers.

Odd numbers are traditionally associated with monetary offerings for funeral wakes, and should be avoided for joyous occasions such as Chinese New Year, wedding banquets and babies' full month celebrations.

  • Avoid the number "4"

Although it is an even number, the number '4' is avoided due to its similarity to the word 'death' in Mandarin or Cantonese, inferring bad luck. (Interestingly, Teochews do not view the number 4 as unlucky.)

  • New, crisp notes are nice!

They signify a 'new' beginning to the 'new' year!

How much ang pow to give for Chinese New Year: By hierarchy

And now, we get to actual money matters. Do note that, this is just a general guide, and ang pows vary among people and families, depending on how much you can afford. 

And sometimes, it's the thought that counts.

how much ang pow to give for chinese new year

Here then, is how much you might want to put in those red packets for:

  • Parents and in-laws

It is common practice to give higher ang pows to parents and grandparents out of respect, closeness and gratitude.

Average amount: $88 - $288

  • Your children 

This amount usually varies from parent to parent, and it depends on your parenting style. Some parents believe that giving too much will spoil the child, while others believe in giving more for good luck.

Average amount: $10 -$100

  • Unmarried Siblings

Some people think that it is not necessary to give ang baos to older siblings, as they are old enough to support themselves.

Average amount:$20-$100

  • Cousins, nephews and nieces

How much ang pow you give your cousins, nephews and nieces usually depends on how close you are to them.

Average amount for cousins: $20-$30

Average amount for nephews and nieces: $10-$20


Again, a lot depends on your relationship with your maid, and how long she has been working for you. Still, it is the season for giving and goodwill, so remember to appreciate those who make your life easier.

Average amount: $10- $50

Random people

These could be your friends' children, or your children's friends. Generally, a small token is given as a sign of goodwill and blessings

Average amount: $2-$10 (Avoid $4)

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(Source: MoneySmart, CNA Lifestyle)

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