How do I test for Autism?

How do I test for Autism?

A reader asks Dr Janice Wong on how she can test for Autism in Singapore.

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Question from Reader:

How do I test for Autism?

Answer from Dr Janice Wong:

Autism covers a broad spectrum of disorders ranging from mild to severe, and behavior of autistic children differs depending on the situation they are in. Autistic children typically exhibit symptoms in the areas of social interaction, communication and behaviour. Some of the signs include repetitive behaviours, lack of social skills and issues with non-verbal behaviours such as eye contact and body posture.

The only person who can correctly diagnose Autism is a trained doctor. If you are concerned your child has Autism, it is important that you seek early treatment as this will provide the best possible outcome.

Answered by: Dr Janice Wong, Thomson Paediatric Centre

About Dr Janice Wong
Dr Janice Wong graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree in 1996. Her post-graduate qualification includes a Membership of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, United Kingdom, with a distinction in paediatric medicine. She is also a Member of the Singapore Paediatric Society, Asian Oceanic Child Neurology Society and Australia/New Zealand Child Neurology Society. Dr Wong has undergone advanced training in paediatric neurology and neuro-rehabilitation. In Singapore, she is the only trained neuro-rehabilitation physician, and the first paediatrician in private practice able to perform botulinum toxin therapy for spasticity disorders in children.


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