What Your Baby's Time of Birth Says About Their Personality

What Your Baby's Time of Birth Says About Their Personality

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Are you curious about what your little one’s personality will be like when they grow up? There are all sorts of new baby superstitions out there, but it turn outs that by knowing your baby’s horoscope rising star sign and the time of birth, you might just be able to predict your little one’s personality. 

The 12 Ascendants or Rising Signs

Most people know what their horoscope sign is based on which month they were born in, for example, Capricorn, Libra, or Aries.

In Astrology, these common “signs” refer to what astrologists call a Sun sign. But there are ways to have a clearer understanding of what your horoscope means by referring to what Astrologists call the “rising sign”. 

The “rising sign” also has another name: “Ascendant”. The “rising sign” is important in that it can help you find out your little one’s first impression. That means a few things: personality, their overall air, and outlook towards life and behaviour. 

Confusingly, the 12 “rising signs” all have the same names as the sun signs we are familiar with (Aries, Virgo, etc.).

But different designations mean different things. Think of the sun sign your baby was born with as a colour (for instance, blue). His ascendant sign is a finer, more accurate description of blue – is it turquoise, navy blue, light blue? 

In other words, even if your baby’s sun sign is fixed, he may have personality traits in other signs that make him different from other people of the same star signs.

For instance, someone born with a Cancer sun sign is normally timid and self-conscious, but if they were born at 11pm, they could have an Aries rising sign and be more outspoken than other people with the same Cancer sun sign.

Horoscope Rising Star Sign: How Time of Birth Affects Personality

One key piece of information is crucial to finding out the “Ascendant”: the estimated time your little one was born, or, where possible, the precise hour and minute when the whole baby was out. 

Once you know the time of birth, you can cross-check it against the birth month or horoscope sign that your little one was born in. Information like this is often compiled into tables like the one below.

What does the time I was born and my rising sign mean say about my ...

A table showing you all the possible combinations of your little one’s rising sign. | Image Source: Secretly Obvious

Here’s how to use it: once you know your little one’s time of birth, stick your finger onto the time slot and slide it along the same row.

Stop once you hit the corresponding column which shows your little one’s star sign. For instance, if your baby was born at 3 am with a cancer star sign, he would have a Gemini rising sign. Then, you can check the list below for their personality traits. 

Already curious about what your little one will be like? If you already know the time of birth and the exact horoscope sign, give it a try and see. Here are the 12 rising signs and what personalities each one has!

Check Your Little One’s Rising Sign with this List!

baby sleep cycle


Your little one will grow up to become brave and leave a striking impression. She will tend to be a high achiever, but others may see it as too much or too much. 


Your little one will have a steadfast and unyielding presence. They will grow up to be diligent, endure hard times, and have a keen eye for design. 


Communication is an untaught skill your child will naturally master in his own time, chatting away an essay a minute and while gesturing with their hands. People with this rising style are often lighthearted and high-spirited, being especially attracted to bright colours.


As your little one grows up, you’ll notice that she easily empathizes with others easily, being understanding of other’s emotions and instinctive. People with this rising style can appear to be delicate, very caring of others, with a slight charm. 


Over time you’ll notice that your little one becomes very energetic in their ideas, positive, while also remaining friendly and cheerful. People with this rising sign are difficult to turn a blind eye to, as they have had hearty laughs, vibrant dresses and unique hairstyles.


Analysing and noting things meticulously comes as no stranger to your child if he has the Virgo rising sign. From the outside, he’d look seriously concentrating on something despite his “baby faces” while choosing either colourful or neutral (or white) colours.


People who have this charm physically embody beauty, being well-mannered, fashionable and gentle. More often than your little one will grow up disliking arguments, but becoming their pacifist ways, may take to become extreme to maintain peace.  


Your little one will radiate with power and sexuality as they mature into an adult.  Eventually, their presence can easily be sensed even in total silence. They may appear very committed and may be interested in spiritual pursuits.


If your little one has a Sagittarius rising sign, they often speak in a straightforward, insensitive way, despite their wisdom. As they mature, people might perceive them to be a wise guy. People with Sagittarius rising sign love to talk about big ideas and tend to avoid petty conversations, often basing these on their colourful, experienced and extensive style. 


Working hard and with diligence comes as second nature to your child, with his down-to-earth and perfectionist methods. Your little one will grow up to having good judgment in business decisions, even if it may seem too heavy at times.


With an Aquarius rising style, expect your little one to do things in her own unique way with a positive outlook and approach. Don’t be surprised if she may seem a tad bit rebellious, or when she’s passionate for or state-of-the-art ideas.


With a Pisces rising style, expect your little one to have lustrous eyes that emphasise with what the world is suffering from. Your little one will become compassionate artistes who have the potential to become powerful healers. Do advise them if they seek refuge in addiction, though.

Which horoscope rising star does your baby have? 

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