Zodiac and Horoscope love or hate?

Zodiac and Horoscope love or hate?

Zodiac and Horoscope love or hate? The ubiquity of horoscope only shows that many people are so much hooked in reading it. Have you wondered what’s behind its timeless charm to people? Read on to find out.


Horoscope love or hate?

Horoscope is so popular today that when you read newspapers or other media prints, you are bound to find sections dedicated to daily horoscopes. The internet also brings us lots of sites that specializes in horoscope readings. Horoscope is even sent directly into your inbox when you subscribe to any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. The ubiquity of horoscope only shows that many people are so hooked on reading it, even though some readers don’t believe in the forecasts. So, why is horoscope so popular today? What’s behind its timeless charm?

Here are some of the top reasons why people are obsessed with horoscopes.

1. Love
Definitely one of the top reasons why people read horoscope is to seek fulfillment in their love life. They are eager to know if their horoscope signs are compatible with his or her partner. They also read horoscope to have a better insight into the personalities, attitudes and behaviors of their special someone.

2. Fortune
Want to find out if Lady Luck is smiling on you? If you think fortune cookies’ predictions are bogus, check out the horoscope. Well, most people do in fact. Apart from love life, people read horoscopes to see whether they are lucky or not in their business, career or work for a particular day. They also want to know what are their lucky numbers, colors and birthstones.

3. Guide
For some people, reading daily horoscope has become a natural habit for them.  These people get very agitated when they do not get their daily “fix” of horoscope.  They are as addicted to it as athletes are to exercise and adrenaline.  They gain great peace of mind when they are assured of how the day ahead of them will pan out. Thus, the horoscope becomes their guide for their actions, plans and decision-making.

4. Entertainment
Still, there are others who read horoscopes for entertainment purposes. They don’t take these predictions seriously, but instead, enjoy it for self-amusement and its entertaining value.

Views and opinions

Here are some thoughts on Horoscope from our Netizens:

“I think horoscopes are all in your mind. In high school my best friend and I had our horoscopes sent to our phones every morning as a daily alert and it almost seemed like we lived our day just to make our daily horoscope true. Its a mind game and any statement regarding what is in your agenda for the day can almost relate to anything. We found ourselves saying, “Oh that’s what our horoscopes meant this morning!” throughout the day when in reality that just seemed silly. I do believe your character and traits do relate to your sign but not what you future holds, whether its just a daily prediction or for the upcoming year. Horoscope are in good spirit either way!” – Jillianmc

Sometimes I feel like it is a self fulfilling prophecy – if one believes it they will look for those things to happen – I think – Typically they are written in vague enough form that any day can fit. I find them entertaining to look at occasionally but it certainly isn’t a daily thing – nor would I change plans based on the information.” – Trensue

Of course sometimes horoscopes seem to be right! They are written in a very general way and each reader interprets it according to what is happening in their own lives! They are purposely written with vague ideas both positive and negative! There are a million ways of interpreting the simple ‘It will be a good time to start thinking of making changes in your life, or they may be forced on you.’ There are millions of people who share the same signs. If you knew how many people could speak English and have access to a computer then divide that number by 12 it’s still in the millions. I am one of 3 Capricorn sisters and we often ‘compared’ our horoscopes. The only rule was you had to read the horoscope after the day or month. You then had to choose one statement that you thought was true and say why! Then say if you agreed with each other reasons. The game has spread to the ever growing number of younger ‘Capricorns’ in the family! There’s always someone who can come up with a negative interpretation! As much as we like to think we are ‘different’ we could read any sign and find as much ‘true’ in them too.” – Annmac

If you are a Horoscope believer, you will find endless information. If you are a non-believer, you can have endless fun and entertainment. Either way Horoscopes are fun because believing in them adds a tinge of mystery and interest to our lives!

Source: sharethetruth, mergemedia

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