Hong Kong Singer Pakho Chau Announces Birth Of Newborn Daughter

Hong Kong Singer Pakho Chau Announces Birth Of Newborn Daughter

Cantopop singer Pakho Chau has announced the birth of his gorgeous newborn daughter on social media. Check out what he has to say about his little princess!

Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau and his wife Stephanie Chu have officially become proud parents to a beautiful baby girl!

In a social media post on Wednesday, 4 December 2019, two days after the birth of his daughter, the 35-year-old uploaded pictures of him cradling his adorable bundle of joy.

pakho chau

The singer kissing his newborn daughter | Source: Pakho Chau/Weibo

Along with the photos, he informed fans and well-wishers that his daughter – who he affectionately called ‘Miss Chau’ – weighs 6.7 pounds and looks “just as pretty as her mama” 

“Although she’s tiny, she has a loud yell and has eyes as bright as a gemstone and a full head of hair. I thought she was born wearing a little hat,” Pakho added.

Apart from that, Pakho shared that becoming a father for the first time is an “indescribable feeling” and that he is in awe of his wife for being so strong. 

“All I know is that it’s been hard on my wife these days. Women are really so strong, and mothers are really admirable. In the days to come, I will definitely take good care of them, and allow my little princess to become a healthy, happy and kind-hearted person.”

In a phone interview with Toggle, Pakho also revealed that his wife is recovering from the delivery at the Hong Kong Island Hospital and that he is still yet to register a name for his daughter.

During the interview, the singer explained that he and his wife decided to delay the happy announcement by two days in order to allow elderly members of the family to visit their daughter in the hospital without any media attention. 

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