Forgot to send X'mas cards out? No prob! Here are 5 best websites to get holiday cards online!

Forgot to send X'mas cards out? No prob! Here are 5 best websites to get holiday cards online!

Need help getting gifts and sending greetings to loved ones from far away? Check out these 5 websites that lets you send holiday cards online or offline, on any occasion, showcasing a wide range of options featuring the best of the best in design.

Looking for ways to create personalised holiday cards online? It's not too late! You've come to the right place.

For some, paper greeting cards (and holiday cards online) can be an easy way out of giving a gift. But for others, it’s a chance to express themselves through visual art and poetry. A holiday card can be just as memorable as any gift.

Holiday Cards Online:

The following greeting card websites turned up in at least three best greeting card lists. Judging by how much the internet loves them, these websites are some of the most popular for holiday cards online. Let them help you create the perfect greeting card for your loved ones this Christmas!


holiday cards online

Shutterfly specialises in photo-centric greeting card designs and photo-themed gifts. It also allows users to create custom messages to each recipient.

You can use Shutterfly for free and secure photo storage for the duration of the year, so you can have all of your best pictures ready whenever you want to create the perfect holiday card. You can have your cards printed flat, folded, embossed, or glossy, among a wide variety of services they offer.

The price range for Shutterfly’s products can go as low as US$0.49 (or up to US$2) per card, and can be mailed to you for an extra US$0.55. You can get free shipping if you order US$49 worth of products.


holiday cards online

Shutterfly’s sister site TinyPrints produces beautiful stylised cards. They even do laser cut designs now, like snowflake designs and print cutouts that reveal bright colours and images underneath. These designs have a handmade quality to them that’s on par with local specialised paper shops. 

TinyPrints is all about the full paper experience. It lets you accessorise your envelope and even design personalised stamps and return address labels. Of course, you can opt for holiday cards online as well.

Each card can go as low as US$0.99 each depending on the quantity ordered. Any additional customisation adds to the cost. TinyPrints mails cards out to their recipients for US$0.35 per envelope plus the cost of the stamp.

Paperless Post

holiday cards online

Paperless Post is all about classy, elegant, sophisticated card designs. You can choose to send the cards digitally, via mail, or both. The site keeps their designs fresh by keeping a large rotation of featured artists. Fancy a card from The New Yorker collection? How about one from the Kate Spade collection?

For digital options, their holiday cards online have beautiful virtual stationary and animated simulations of opening the card. There are a few free designs that you can send for free to up to 1,000 recipients. Most other designs cost a few coins in the website’s virtual currency. These will set you back US$0.07 to US$0.20, depending on quantity.

Of course, Paperless Post also has a photo card option. You can edit the photos within the Paperless Post site, giving you a wide variety of effects. You can practically spend all day just choosing from their catalogue of cool features.

Each card can cost you US$1.05 to US$4 depending on quantity. Envelopes can cost $1.15 per card, which includes custom liner and return address. There’s no option for Paperless Post to send your cards directly to recipients though.

Minted Holiday Cards Online

holiday cards online

Minted has a wide range of options to accommodate a variety of uses and occasions. They feature the work of the best independent artists the world over. The site allows the user to easily filter through its numerous custom holiday card options by style, shape, colour, printing type and more.

Customisation can range from the thickness of the card stock to the number of pictures you want to use. They have trained designers onboard who are willing to talk to you via instant message in case you need help. Another pair of eyes always helps when yours are tired.

Each card may cost US$1.04 depending on the quantity. Opting for a folded card over a single flat one, or a thicker paper stock, will cost extra. They can print the addresses on the envelopes but they won’t mail them out individually for you.

Paper Culture Holiday Cards Online

holiday cards online

With Paper Culture, sending out holiday cards online is quick and easy, plus you can send your card draft to one of their in-house designers for feedback and fixes.

Paper Culture’s greeting cards are perfect for dedicating holiday greetings to people who care very much for the environment. The cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and the company pledges to plant a tree for every order they receive. In 2014, 550,000 trees were planted because of Paper Culture. And apart from being eco-friendly, their designs are sleek, pretty, and charming.

Each card costs US$1.39 each depending on quantity. If you sign up for their mailing list, you get an extra 20% off on your first purchase. They mail out the cards individually for US$0.30 per envelope including stamp cost.

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